Dress Codes in School aren’t a Good Idea

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Throughout the years, students at schools have had problems with the school dress code. Students get in trouble for not dressing appropriately for school. Most schools are starting to change their codes because of the controversy they are receiving.A dress code does more harm than good because it limits self expression in females, it is sexist towards female students and distorts women’s self expression.

A dress code does more harm than good because is sexist towards female students.Huffington Post posted an article about a school in Illinois and how the school posted their new and updated school dress code to twitter. After posting the message, students had replied with how it showed that female students in the school were the main violators and the policies of the dress code label parts of their bodys as “distraction”. The board for their school explained why they changed it and how the school wanted students to feel comfortable in their skin and body. The schools new dress code that was implemented stated that there will be no body shaming and diminishes marginalization. Most dress codes ban a lot of different clothing but this Illinois school only bans hate speech and violent images. They also state that students and staff are in control of the “distractions” that they make and the students and staff also found out that some of the teachers in the school were body shaming the female students.

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A dress code does more harm than good because it limits self expression in females.The New York Times mentions that the dress code is designed to protect girls from unwanted male advances. NYT also mentions that if the dress code is help conduct learning, how would tank tops, spaghetti straps, etc, interfere with a teacher teaching a subject. A writer named Peggy Orenstein writes that “..we shouldn’t tell women what to wear and teach boys not to stare”. That the statement is true will help young men learn how to “control” themself.
In Texas, a Principal was caught in a viral video telling a female student that they shouldn’t show off their bodies because they can be “distracting” to male students and/or teachers. How if dress codes are supposed to stop distractions in class but if we take students out of class for their clothing how are they supposed to learn.

A dress code does more harm than good because In and statement written by Adrienne Dixson says “…dress codes can stop students from expressing themselves..” and “..how it limits self expression for females..”. In another statement ACLU mentions that dress codes are legal as long as they do not treat boys and girls differently and also mentions how the dress code can force students to conform to sex stereotypes. The New York Times mentions how society agrees to silly things like restricting women’s movement and how if it was less about genders and putting a list of standards in the school this wouldn’t be a problem.

In conclusions, dress codes aren’t a good idea since it limits self expression and can be sexist towards female students in schools. There has always been a problem with it and some people are caught on camera saying and making sexist comments towards female students. Most students though, do stand up and make a change to make these dress codes fair but they shouldn’t have to and it should be the schools job to change it when they see a problem.

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