Same Sex Marriage Issues

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Updated: May 27, 2021
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Same Sex Marriage Issues essay

“In the world today same sex marriage has been a big topic that’s been talked about throughout the community. There’s a few reasons as to why it should and shouldn’t be legal. There’s always two sides of an argument which in this case is that some think same sex marriage is okay and then those who are against it.

In my opinion same sex marriage should be illegal because it causes a lot of problems with children, marriage should only be between a man and a woman, and if there’s other laws for other marriage situations then it shouldn’t be right for the same gender to get married either. I believe that marriage should only happen between a man and a woman because that way when the two decide to marry usually most married couples eventually have children but if it was two men or two women that got married then having children wouldn’t be an option. (Ayres) Each and every kid needs both their mother and father. Simply because it just affects boys and girls differently. Girls without their father are most likely to be deprived of emotional security and are at a higher risk of sexual activity and teenage pregnancy and for boys without their mother are most likely to be unemployed later down the road and suffer from difficulties such as sexual abuse.(Dogra)So for the couples of the same gender that decide to adopt would most likely experience a lot of problems within their household because it would be an abnormal life style from all the rest of the children and that could make them act out of character for most kids. It would probably be a very unpleasant lifestyle for both the homosexual parents and for the child. (Dogra)

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It’s always been a tradition for marriage to be between a male and a female. People all over the world in every religion, social class, race, and ethnic background all get married. It’s always been just a male and a female deciding to marry and when they do there is several different benefits that come with getting married. Some of which are treatment for tax, inheritance, insurance, immigration rights, the right to adopt and gain custody of a child, and health care. But when two of the opposite gender want or even try to get married they won’t get treated equally as those who are straight or even have any benefits. Which for those who are of the same sex aren’t legally allowed to get married. One of the main reasons of why marriage between male and female is important is because the laws of nature and society is procreation, which is self explanatory but in other words means producing a child. As to where if a child who lives in a household around a same sex relationship/marriage being raised up seeing that all their life they would never think anything of it. They wouldn’t know any different and it would really mess with their knowledge on what’s always been the normal when it comes to a relationship which is male and female. Also if there’s certain laws and restrictions involving marriage such as that you can’t marry your family, anyone 18 years and above can’t marry a minor without parent consent, and no one is allowed to marry animals so therefore I don’t think the same gender should be able to get married either. It’s not like we should make an acception for them and not the rest. It just doesn’t work that way.

Lastly, usually a pastor marries a couple together as man and wife. Marriage in the bible has been stated to only be between a man and a woman. So for those who go to church and read the bible are against same sex marriage because otherwise they feel as those who want gay marriages to be legal are going against what God would want us to do. He gives us the freedom of choice and leaves it up to us to choose what’s right. Going against what he asks is a sin but he lets things happen because what we do here on this earth determines where we go after we die. Not saying that one sin is going to be the result in us going to hell but all the mistakes we’ve made throughout our entire lives. So with that being said there’s people in the world that agree with same sex marriage and even want to be apart of it. Their choices are going affect our community and they are going to do everything they possibly can to be treated like married couples and to be viewed as regular. People who marry others, make weddings cakes, and have photo shoots for married couples will be greatly affected by same sex marriage. If any pastor or person who has strong beliefs against gay marriage then I personally think and believe that they shouldn’t have to do something in their career or job that goes against that in any way possible. I think it should be completely up to the person who is deciding to marry men and women. To anyone who makes wedding cakes for a living should be able to turn down a gay couple who are wanting a wedding cake due to personal beliefs. If the two men wanted any other cake not pertaining to their marriage then it would be perfectly fine. For the person who does photo shoots for other people and strictly don’t want to support or encourage same sex marriage by capturing it then that should be completely up to the photographer. For people running companies and businesses should be able to choose whether or not to do something if it goes against their personal beliefs. Anyone who turns down same sex marriage couples shouldn’t lose their jobs because there’s plenty of other people who support and encourage gay couples even those who run companies and businesses. Just because one baker, photographer, or pastor doesn’t do whatever it is the couple is asking doesn’t mean that there isn’t people or places won’t. If one placed don’t workout then go somewhere where it will.

In conclusion, same sex marriage will always have a large impact on the world and there’s not a single person that will be able to change that. No matter how much we protests or cause riots. That still won’t change a thing. We as a society are going to have to accept changes that happen within our world and even throughout our community. ( Joe) There’s going to be so many things that are going to be completely out of our control and all we can do is just let things happen and simply just move on with our lives. Instead of being caught up on something that regardless of how much we try to change it that it just won’t. If we spent all of our time worrying about things we can’t change it’ll only make us miserable and unhappy because it would never work out in our favor in the way we would want it to. Besides we need to be grateful for the things we have and just be happy with what we have and quit worrying about others and their problems. We need to focus on us and the things that mean the most to us like our family and friends. We need to prioritize what’s more important and which in this case would be our family and friends. I personally would never want to put other people who don’t directly have anything to do with my life over my family and friends because strangers and acquaintances will never come anywhere close to meaning as much to me as my family and friends do. If you just leave it to God to handle it then everything will work out one way or another. It will work itself out and things will fall into place exactly the way it should.”

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