Risa Kumon Biography

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Risa Kumon Biography

Risa Kumon is not a widely-recognized figure as of my last update. If she’s a public figure post-2022, a biographical essay should detail her life, achievements, and contributions to her field. Delving into her background, influences, and significant moments would give a comprehensive view of her impact and legacy. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Biography topic.

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Risa Kumon is a radio personality, singer and song writer, and was born in Sasebo City, Nagasaki. Kumon discovered her musical talents in her early life. She could play a piano at the age of three” this was after she fell ill and at the same time lost her eyesight as well. Over time, her health was restored except her peripheral vision returned to normal when she was four years of age. Kumon’s parents sought to enable her live a lifestyle of a normal child and therefore she was raised the same way a normal child is brought up.

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Her parents were not aware that she was disabled in a way not until she attended college. In her high educations, Kumon majored in music and perfected the art of classic vocal training. After graduation from college, Kumon relocated to Los Angeles to further her efforts to study music and English. In her academic pursuits in Los Angeles, she managed to study a variety of music genres including Acoustic, gospel, Jazz as well as classic rock from the Pasasdena International Academy.

Kumon proceeded further with her efforts where in the year 2007, she returned to her home country and formed a group. She started perfoming on a daily basis after releasing her first solo album named “Love always?”. Kumon was later booked for the ”Okinawa Love Festival” in the year 2008. The event was a McDonalds charity initiative at one of the largest venue of the Okinawa. In another event, she came in contact with Roro, (a producer, song writer, and rapper and radio host) in the Ginowan Outdoor Theatre. Kumon and Roro merged their efforts in their music career. The duo composed their first song entitled “International Lover.” The song won positive reviews from the public and featured in not only exclusive Dj mix CDs, it also featured in radio shows. That way, they managed to sell a greatly deal of singles independently in Japan. In their music collaboration, Kumon had the privilege to appear in a number of magazines as well as other publications.

Moreover, she also managed to perform in a number of national televisions for Japan’s, in the Backstage pass summer beach party where she had the opportunity to open up for prominent artists, like The NewBoyz, Frankie J, DJ Kaori and several other personalities. On another event, she was invited to perform at the ANA intercontinental-manza, a major chapel in her home country, Japan. In this part, she performs in most of the wedding ceremonies.In the year 2012, Kumon performed at the Nagasaki Theme Park, Huis Ten Boisch was the headline act in this case. In the same year, she gained popularity further when she released Jazz covers mix tape. With that step, she managed to get along with Dj Honda together with Jazz Musician Hino Terumasa on their tour that sought to promote an album they released named, “Never Forget 311”. Later in the year 2014, she appeared in Roro’s debut album named “Road to Success”. The distribution of the album spread to the main retail store in Japan and in the digital sense spread to other parts of the world.

Since she appeared in some of the projects Roro had initiated, she managed to feature in the largest bill boards in Tokyo. Kumon was also featured in Roro’s single performance, “Doesn’t Mean I am Lost” which appeared in the spaceshower video rotation. At the onset of the year 2015, her popularity was heightened further by the fact that she was a television host in weekly radio shows for prominent radio houses. At first, she was a co-host on (Roro Radio), a show aired weekly in Fukoka on a prominent commercial radio known as Lovefm 76.1Mhz. Kumon also happened to be a radio personality on a weekly show on R2 on Tokyo’s prominent commercial radio stations known as Interfm. She also had a radio show that she hosted herself on a weekly basis on Interfm known RNB selector in conjuction with R2 radio. The shows she hosted instantly gained the approval from the public where she managed to host interviews while welcoming prominent Djs as well as well music artistes like Dj Jazzy Jeff. Further in her musical career, Kumon embarked on a Jazz solo tour in the year 2016. While at this, she had the opportunity to participate in the Nakasu Jazz festival when she performed.

The festival is a part of the largest Jazz festival among the Japanese. In addition to this, she released Christmas covers ep digital available in the stalls and in the digital platforms as well. This year, 2017, she was welcomed in the Fukuoka Asian collection, the largest Fukoka’s fashion show. In this event, she was invited as a special quest headliner. The event together with her performance on the largest television station in Japan, RKBs Television special gained her more popularity. Kumons’s performance was further recognized when she appeared in the 13th annual Sasebo festival in Nagasaki, which happens to be her home town and was selected again to perfom at the Nakasu Festival for two consecutive years.

At the moment, Kumon is concentrating on her second album where Roro is working on the production part. Her performances are also common in Japan. She focuses on English songs and translates the lyrics to help the people to understand the inspiration as well as the message relayed in the songs. It is worth noting that Kumon not only seek to challenge herself, she also attempts to inspire other using her voice and story to demonstrate that with her hard work, affection and commitment nothing stood in her way. She never let hardship and disabilities ruin the life she had earlier wanted to have.

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