Lyrical Geniuses: Mariah Carey Vs. Whiney Houston

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Lyrical Geniuses: Mariah Carey Vs. Whiney Houston

Both Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are celebrated for their vocal prowess and contribution to music. Comparing their lyrical content, musical achievements, stylistic differences, and cultural impact would offer insights into why each is considered a musical icon and how their legacies compare and contrast. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Music topic.

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In the music industry, the dedication an artist gives to their music career directly reflects on the longer their music pieces remain relevant in the Billboard charts. It is therefore inevitable for music enthusiasts to not notice some of the most celebrated and cherished musicians. Mariah Carey and the late Whitney Houston are some of the most accomplished female musicians that the music industry has ever had. These two women had managed to be consistent in their work from as early as the 1990s with their vocal prowess when they hit the peak of their careers.

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As much as these two artists are seen to be very close friends and are very supportive of each other’s work, there are so many instances in which they beat each other.

Firstly, when it comes to identifying the between the two who has accomplished a lot, Mariah Carey carries the day. This can be credited to the fact that many equally talented artists such as Destiny child, Kelly Clarkson, Christiana Aguilera among several others have mentioned her as being an inspiration to them due to her strong vocals. Mariah Carey is also an icon in the industry given that many musicians have given homage to her by doing remixes to her songs.

According to RIAA, Mariah Carey has also sold approximately 63 million albums as compared to her counterpart’s 55 million recorded album sales to date. Maria Carey has been able to sell approximately 160 million record collections all over the world. Although Houston’s hit album Bodyguard’ is a certified 17x Platinum by RIAA, most of Mariah’s albums starting from Daydream, ‘Music Box’ and to her Christmas album recorded some of the largest sells over a very long period. It’s true that this two musical goddess will both go down in history billboard charts. However, Maria Carey has 6 No.1 albums (2 went Diamond according to RIAA), 24 Top 10 hits (out of which 18 of the 24 top hits topped the charts), and longest running No.1 hit song in history. Whitney Huston on the other hand has 11 total No.1’s, most consecutive No.1’s singles in a row, seven times. Mariah is also considered a renowned international artist compared to Houston.

The main reason is that, in places like Japan, about three out of five albums that are bestselling belong to her and this can be attributed to her ability in the understanding of musicality and phrasing as opposed to Whitney Huston. A similar situation is seen in Australia. Most of her hit singles have spread like wildfire in most countries. Houston, on the other hand, has had a weaker footing in the international market. Despite, the weaker holding in the international market, I Will Always Love You, one of her best 90s singles has stood the test of time for more than three decades now.

To conclude, both the musician are iconic in one way or another but in my opinion I would listen to Mariah Carey more than I could listen to Whitney Houston. The reason being that I am impressed by the perfection and the dedication that she has put in doing her work. She has also exhibited one of the best characters as a musician by supporting others therefore she needs more support from her listeners like me.

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