Right against Right in Antigone by Sophocles

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Updated: Apr 28, 2022
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Right against Right in Antigone by Sophocles essay

While reading and studying Antigone, I believe that Antigone and Creon are both stubborn, self-centered people. They both remind me of how a lot of humans do these days. . Each one is knows they are righteous and is going to stick to that no matter what. The unwillingness to change or compromise is also a trait of them both, and because of their refusal to see anything beyond what they believe. As Antigone states, “You may do as you like, Since apparently the laws of the god mean nothing to you.” (62-63). They both have strong reasons for their actions and you cannot deny it. This is necessary because to support their point of view. The difference between them, is that Antigone is against divine law, whereas Creon is against the laws that were made by man. Creon states, “This is my command, and you can see the wisdom behind it. As long as I am King, no traitor is going to be honored with the loyal man. But whoever shows by word and deed that he is on the side of the State…” (175-180). They are both ultimately right, but also deserve some blame. They will not look at things a different way. I feel that Hegel’s assessment is halfway valid, meaning they are not both fully right. 

Sophocles gives both Creon and Antigone enough time to fully explain their views, so the play never leaves any room for doubt that both sides to have a claim to make. Antigone, however is seen as the heroine of the piece. She holds her direct beliefs until death. 

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Antigone: “Then I beg you: kill me. This talking is a great weariness: your words are distasteful to me, and I am sure that mine seem so to you. And yet they should not seem so I should have praise and honor for what I have done…”.

All in all, if both sides were EQUALLY justified than there wouldn’t have been a collision, if anything there would have been some type of compromise or agreement. Bernard Knox agrees with this in the introduction. Antigone’s moral position was that she loved her brother, even if he was a traitor. Her view was love is above everything and the considering she was raised she couldn’t see her brother body be taken out. She stood for doing the right thing even if it means that she has to die. She believe that family or traitor, should be respected the same in death. I also think that both of the characters went way too far when sticking to their beliefs, and I know that their pride had everything to do with it. Antigone was too proud to admit that she was going way beyond boundaries for her dead brother and was taking a huge risk. Creon was too proud to admit his mistake as the new king. Both were right and wrong in my opinion. They both fought a good fight in standing for what they believe in.

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