Review on the Book “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s”

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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In the book One flew over the Cuckoo’s, psychiatric hospital have all the kind of patients Nurse Ratched controls everything; they have group meeting every day and the patients have to eat medicine every day, but those medicine is not really help much, and probably make them worse. Compare to the real life, the psychiatric hospital just like school ; student are the patients. We has to go to school every day, and listen to the teacher just like the patients have to listen to nurse Ratched, teacher controls us, affect our GPA.

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We also have to do our homework on time, just like patients have to eat medicine on time. Of course, there are some naughty one do not listen, but we all know what is going to happen to them, after all they is going to do it any way. Student and patients are conformity the school and the hospital rules.

Chief Bromden, chronic ?a long-term? patient in Nurse Ratched’s psychiatric, narrates the events of the novel. The aides poke fun at him for being a pushover, even though he is six feet seven inches tall, and they make him sweep the hallways for them, nicknaming him “Chief Broom.”(kesey3) Bromden is half Indian and pretends to be deaf and dumb; as a result, he overhears all the secrets on the ward and Despite being tall, almost no one noticed. For me, I feel like I am chief, people think he is deaf and dumb so am I, I come to America; everyone seems like nice to me, but in their heart they think I am “deaf and dumb” language barrier make them think that way, but that’s not true, first of all, my English enough to know what they talk about, so I knows a lot, how they talk bad of people behand each other. Second of all, because of I can’t fully conform to the English language, they think I am “dumb” they don’t even care about me, because they figure out what’s a Chinese people is going to do to it, so they say whatever they want in front of me, and guess what, I know everything know!

What is conformity? Conformity is the tendency to align our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors with those around us. We learn social skills from an early age by observing and copying the behavior of others. As we grow older, the social pressure to conform with group norms becomes stronger. Established group members may use a variety of tactics to persuade outsiders to conform to the group, some people naturally non-conformist, they value their independence and self-reliance over the approval of others. The patients and students are conformity, teacher and nurse use praising, criticizing, bullying, or teasing to conform the student and patients. If we can’t change everything, why don’t we just start to be nice to those people around us, and then you will reap different happiness.

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