Responsibilities of a Woman during World War II

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Being a woman is always thought to be seen as being weak-minded, not having the control of providing the adequate work skills. During the Post-World War II women began their journey to create and gain their equal rights, and opportunities to become what it is now “women’s work”. The intense challenges faced by women in WWII did not stop them from accomplishing the goal they admired the most.

The time period between 1940-1945 was a time where millions of women entered the workforce. The government encouraged women to enter the labor force very urgently due to many labor shortages during this crisis time. Even though some women where already working before this time frame, many where not yet allowed to work in particular places such as, defense plants, and factories. The World War II led many women to take certain “exclusive to men” jobs which allowed them to occupy many new job titles women had never seen.

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Rosie the Riveter was a huge star campaign which aimed on recruiting female workers during WWII. The image of Rosie symbolized the ideal female war worker, she was strong and patriotic, yet retained her feminine look. Women where making up 65 percent of the industries total workforce due to Rosie’s propaganda campaign. This real-life worker showed the strength in a woman, how strong in character a women can be and how women really are in the inside not just in the outside. This fictious character provided security and helped women believe in themselves to become whomever they wanted to become. It indicated the respect women should have as a person.

. Many women also joined the military as nurses, some drove trucks, repaired airplanes, and performed clerical work for men in combat. The aviation industry saw a great increase in female workers during WWII. Those women who joined the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots flew planes, and some sacrificed their life’s and where killed. Due to these efforts made by women to joining the workforce during this crisis time it provided great recognition to women, obtaining the very first pilot license by Women’s Airforce Service Pilots.

Women’s strived to win equal pay with riots and strikes. During this time period women where still seen as “just women” not as a person. Even though women where on the map for the work place they were still gender segregated and excluded for getting payed what men where getting payed. These years where very significant years in the struggle for equal pay for women for doing the same work men were doing. Even though this battle for equal pay did not happen very easily the effort placed by women got payed for that today everyone’s wage is not discriminated by gender.

World War II solidified the notion that women where here to stay in the workforce by never giving up. Women gained the confidence and strength by doing anything possible in their hands to create the real-women they wanted to be seen as. Women’s participation and constant hard work helped established the recognition that women really deserved. Many gains after World War II where put in place due to the tireless effort of hard-working women to be seen equally as men. The constant reminder that women are human beings, established the sense of equality for women. Today, you seen women and you see men treated equally in the workforce.

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