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The German culture is based around perfection and professionalism. They strive to make the best products of the highest qualities, of which they are very proud of. They have a very old school form of how respect is given. In Germany, many companies tend to have a “strictly hierarchical approach within which individuals’ specific roles and responsibilities are tightly defined and compartmentalized. Resulting in foreign companies to take a “methodical approach to most business issues where procedures and adherence to well-defined rules are respected”(World Business Culture). This means that they give more respect to their elders as well as people in higher job status. It can take years to earn respect whereas, in the US, respect can come to anyone depending on their performance. The Germans work in very rigorous schedules, and always have precise outcomes from the meeting. They are not ones to waste any time, which is a good thing in terms of business. If one were to tap into the German Market, they will have to make a very convincing presentation. The Germans thrive on facts and figures, so any presentation should contain lots of them. The methodical approach allows for individuals to know what is expected of each task and process allows for individuals to help achieve the goals of the company. In this case, the German industry will be inflexible with Procter and Gamble until the German industry is able to understand how this U.S company will be able to help them achieve identifiable goals.

When first greeting a German Businessman/woman, always start with a firm handshake along with good eye contact. If this is more of an open meeting, talking about things such as football, beer, holidays, or work are safe topics of conversation. Germans value personal space, unlike many Americans. They tend to enjoy working in an environment with short talk is very minimal. They like to be very specific and direct during their meetings to promote efficiency and structure to the organization (IBS, 2018). Unlike Americans, they do not have an open-door policy and they find it more productive to work behind closed doors.

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Similar to some organizations in the USA, Germany’s workplace environment is very formal, timely, and they like to follow a very strict agenda (Kirk 2014). Professionalism is very important in the workplace, they expect all of their employees to follow and display titles, diplomas, references, and certificates. Superiors are expected to be addressed a certain way by their subordinates (Kirk 2014). Germany is a country where employees value individualism and the highest standards are expected. Any unethical behavior can greatly affect the relationship between both business partners (Passport to Trade, n.d). Environmental issues are taken very seriously because Germany is the leading country in the usage of clean renewable energy. While conducting business in Germany, it is very important to respect their environmental policies (Passport to Trade, n.d).

In terms of entry into Germany, it will not be too hard for entry as long as the business entering is of open arms and will follow the correct rules and guidelines so that they abide by the German people. With this, negotiation is extremely important in Germany. The contents of meetings are a common feature in corporate life in the country. There are everyday office and board meetings as well as seminars. In order for Procter and Gamble to succeed in Germany, the company will need to prepare an agenda and offer the agenda in order for potential partnerships to ensure availability and be able to prepare ourselves. This also allows for the measurement of facilities being used. While doing business with German individuals, one must take into account their appeal; in other words, presentations should be well-prepared, comprehensive, clear, and well informed. The biggest way to appeal to Germans is to present oneself as a formal, rational, and intelligent business person. If a company such as Proctor and Gamble follow these techniques, they will be able to penetrate the market and be able to make a very impactful difference.

Many decisions need to be made for targeting this new market. They need to adapt to the language along with every other cultural difference. Once you get past the initial entry, as long as rules are followed, any company has the potential to be successful. Proctor and Gamble provide products that everyone uses, which means that they will still have a good demand in Germany. Everyone needs these necessities so there will be a good initial demand if they are able to market properly. Assuming that much research has been done to tell whether or not they will be a good fit in the German culture, is the biggest factor in deciding to move in or not. P&G will be able to do great things by creating their presence in Germany because once they do that, they will have close access to all of Europe and will be able to make even greater moves in the future if they desire to. 

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