Racism Around the World

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Racism Around the World

Offering a global perspective, this essay explores manifestations of racism in various international contexts. It showcases the universality of racial prejudices while also highlighting the unique challenges faced by different nations and cultures. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Critical Theory topic.

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Racism has existed for a long time, but during the last two centuries, hate towards racial minorities and majorities has changed. Racism happens every day throughout the world, anyone can be a victim of it and it will always exist. In the movie The Revenant, racism appeared to be clear when Fitzgerald expressed his hate to Glass, because Glass’s wife and son were native Indians. There are three types of racism; scientific racism, cultural racism, and institutional racism (Morehouse). Scientific racism is racism as supposedly well-grounded by scientific evidence.

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The idea presented by exponents of scientific racism is to make racism seem technical and appropriate, when in reality it is neither. Cultural Racism is a type of racism where cultures or an ethnicity are targeted. Institutional racism is racism committed by social institutions it can be in schools and courts and many other places. An example of institutional racism could be slavery, race and world war II, and racial profiling. Racism and Prejudice are kind the same, racism is judging a person based on their race, while prejudice is judging a person before knowing anything about them.

Racism has been around since the middle ages. Also later when Europeans began colonizing the United States and America. Europeans, in their quest to civilize the people began when they took slaves and treated people who looked different from them bad (Heng). Most people don’t notice how much racism goes in other people’s daily life, and even if they do notice, they don’t care enough to do anything about that. In the United States People of color have a big chance of getting arrested while a Caucasian person could get pulled over for the same thing? and the Caucasian would even get away without any charges.? Caucasians get a lot of things handed to them and they don’t even realize, most of them take those opportunities and they still complain about whatever they still have. Some people do not get the same education and job opportunities as Caucasians, some people struggle with everyday life but no one realizes what they are going through.

Many Parents decided to homeschool their children because they just don’t want them to experience racism or be involved with it especially when they are young, these parents don’t want their children to go to public schools because of the amounts of racism they could go through. They also keep their children at home when they get bullied because of their skin color or how they look like, and the other kids think that it is okay to do that since their parents don’t teach or raise them right.(Mazama). Ama Mazama, professor at Temple University that teaches African American studies, wrote about how a lot of parents started to homeschool their children because of the amount of racism in public schools. African Americans now make up about 10 percent of all homeschooled children in this fastest-growing form of education.? Most children do not care about what they say to other children in schools and it is up to their parents to keep them away and get them out of trouble, or they will just continue to do it.

In the movie The Revenant, Racism appeared against the Native population when the Americans fought the Native Americans or the Indians over the land. Fitzgerald hated Hugh Glass because he was married to his Indian wife that died and he had a kid named Hawk. When Hugh glass got attacked by the grizzly bear, he sustained life threatening injuries and he couldn’t move or speak, FItzgerald and the rest of the fur trading team had to carry him and take care of him until he got better. But when Fitzgerald wanted to kill Hugh Glass, Hawk stood in front of him and tried to fight him, but Fitzgerald ended up killing Hawk right in front of his dad Glass. Fitzgerald left Glass thinking he was going to die due to his injuries and the weather conditions, but Glass got up and lived on his own for a little bit and he looked for Fitzgerald to take revenge, Fitzgerald didn’t worry about Glass but Glass found him and they fought and Glass gave him to the Indians and they killed Fitzgerald.

Racism could be compared to prejudice because they are almost the same. Racism specifically means judging someone based on their race. If someone says black people dance better than any other people, that could be racist, because they are basically saying that black people can dance better than all of the people of every other races. Prejudice is kind of different, since it may apply to comments, attitudes, and thoughts. about something or someone. Prejudice could be defined as judging a person or something before knowing anything about them/it, or even before knowing enough about it to make any judgments.(Irving). If anyone claims that Asian people are better skilled than white people, they surely don’t know or understand anything about Asian people, or their education, to declare whatever about them. If anyone says white people are rich, they’re basically making another prejudiced statement. If anyone says that houses in California are nicer than houses in Tennessee, they haven’t even seen all the houses in both places. When anyone is prejudiced, it doesn’t always imply that this person is a racist. They can also be prejudiced about something that is not related to race. A prejudiced person is not always a racist person, however a racist is constantly prejudiced. Prejudice basically is an attitude that one can maintain about every other person primarily based on their characteristics. Anyone can be prejudiced positively or negatively towards another person based on any wide variety of characteristics. Racism, as it is practiced in the United States, is a quality of the society, now not simply the opinion of an individual. Racial prejudice is conserving posisitve and negative attitudes closer to people based totally on their race.

Racism is still unfortunately in our society now. However, racism is much smaller now than in times gone by, but of course there might just be racist attitudes still present, but they might not be made public. Large scale immigration in many countries for example the United Kingdom (England) and the United States, it can cause racist attitudes as native people tend to dislike the foreigners coming to their country and taking everything from them like their jobs and benefits. When the truth is that the native people claim benefits, so there shouldn’t be any hate towards the foreigners because of where they are from, but because of their lifestyles and how they behave, if they do not behave. The effects of racism in our society includes fear, hate, no self-esteem or confidence, cruelty, harassments, social conflict and pain.

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