Institutional Racism and Police Brutality in Education System

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Institutional Racism and Police Brutality in Education System

A probing study of how ingrained racism within educational institutions may parallel patterns of police misconduct, influencing prejudices and the subsequent treatment of minority students. Additionally, PapersOwl presents more free essays samples linked to Critical Race Theory topic.

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In today society there are several police brutality against black people, and in some institutional systems black people still experience racism from people who thinks they are superior. Racism is an issue which emerged from history till now and it has become a major problem in our society. This has affected some families to live their dreams and influences other people mindset towards each other. Institutional Racism is expressed in social and political institution which is governed by the behavioral norms that support racist and foment active.

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In Educational institutions, there are several challenges schools faces among black students and white students. Acording to. The belief of one group is more superior to the other group which influences the way students and people in the Educational system act towards each other.

In High Schools and Elementary schools the differences among teachers color causes a gap on student academic performances based on their race. There are more white teachers than the black’s teacher who teaches in schools and mostly schools enrolled more white students for talented programs than the black ones. According to Rita kohli teacher of color are a samall minority of the population of educators in the united states. This has made the blacks’ students to works Ten times harder in order to prove their academic excellent. Racisms among teachers extends the thought of remarks about students and this makes black students to feel some of their attitudes are wrong. In a place where a group of people are been discriminated we should always ask who run the system, when slavery ended it did not stop the mark of end slavery as the superior group still see the minorities group as salves individual. In schools black students are more likely to get arrested than the white children and this are for minor misbehavior.

Police brutality in schools is an act of misconduct, violence, mental and emotional forces that involves group of students in school. Though, there are no sources tracking how students are been physically punished by the law enforcement but over the years there have been several reports of police brutality in schools. Mostly the officers in schools often have no training to work specifically with students so they treat students the same way as people on the street. black student get arrested and jailed by the police than the white student. They believe the black students are more dangerous and have a bad influence on other group. Having a police officer’s present everywhere in school environment is a concern about student misbehavior. The role of a police officer in school but there are several unnecessary forces in arresting students in schools. Mostly schools with black students have more police. Mostly blacks students are exposed to harm than be safe because of the encounter they have with police in their community and also with school. Regardless the situation violences is unacceptable in a place of learning. Trump administration as allowed the racist rhetoric for police officer to brutalize the black student and people in the community. is to keep student safe police officer mostly carry chemical or shun gun in other to protect themselves. In schools the police officers looks at the black students differently over the past two decades the school officers have become common. In 2014, the U.S Department of education set a new rule for schools to stop the arrest of students for minor disciplinary. Blacks boys are three times as likely to be arrested in schools.

The problem of institutional racism and police brutality in school can be analyzed by making both the superior and minority students visible in class, greeting each students and knowing their names. Also, a teacher needs to always address the issue of racism in the society. Scholars warned against the focus of individual attitudes and behaviors, researchers identified contradiction between the values and actions that seldom the broader organization changes and allow both individuals actions. The Institutions of our society must be systematically examined. In the 1970s scholars such as Derrick Bell, Richard Delgado develop the critical race theory to analyze racism in our society. This challenges and centralizes racism intersection with forms of oppression. These engage the voice of minority in identifying the challenges of racism and expose the white in the privilege of institutional process. Police brutality in school needs to stops the bias and taking action to change it.

In my research I study the role of racism and the perspectives of the education among black’s students. Every blacks students experienced racial discrimination in their early years of school. Police brutality and racism in school hurt and the blacks feels disempowering. Minorities students are taught by teachers with less experiences which hinder students success in a career. Because of the their skin color they do not have same opportunities as white students do. According to Seth Freed Education is not Great Equalizer for Black Americans this means a good education leads to white people having a good career but the African Americans students does not have the same benefit. I found out in my research that there is still racial inequality in education institution till today. There is not an equal right in the educational system.

In conclusion, Racism is common in schools and people of color face several low expectations and a curriculum that benefits the superior groups. In the educational system racism students passes different negative message about their identity and culture, but as black people we need to believe in our value and culture.

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