Racism and Racial Bullying

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Many people in the United States have been treated really bad, due in part to racism. People that are African-American, Hispanic, Latino, Jewish, etc. are the main people that are getting pushed around by mainly white people. I’m not saying all white people do it, but most do. It’s an increase of hatred in America. Racism hasn’t just started, it started many, many years ago and much worse than how racism is now. In the 1950’s, black people were not allowed in white stores.

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They had their own, they could not drink white people’s water from their fountain, therefore they were banned from white-only areas. These laws, called Jim-Crow, have changed over the years but racism hasn’t stopped. People participating in these type of acts don’t know how those people feel. It’s hard for those people getting treated like garbage just because of the color of their skin, or because people are coming over to the U.S. for a better future for their kids. Therefore, there are solutions to this problem, but I honestly think nothing will ever stop the hate in this country.

Racism is an issue that the U.S. has everyday. Current and past generations of people may face injury or sometimes death. This problem is going around the U.S. It’s a big problem here that our new President of the United States is making racism even worse. He’s a Mexican, Trump told Cohen of CNN, he wants to build a wall between here and Mexico. Not only that, he has made hateful comments about people of color. I think the guy is lazy, Trump said of a black employee. And it’s probably his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control. (Stracqualursi) Trump claims he is not a racist person, which I highly disagree with. This affects the population as a whole because in the United States we have fought for civil rights and Trump as President is talking about these people as though they are undeserving of them. Although, the people that are racist are bad, a person can clearly see all the bad things that are said or done to hurt others. Unfortunately, they are brainwashed to understand that racism is everywhere in the world. Overall, it is really clear to see that racism is a problem that not only makes people here look bad, but the whole country, and is hurting our relations with others.

Other than racism being bad, there are multiple solutions that can help present this problem from occurring in this world. One solution is speaking up against racism. It may be difficult to talk to people who have a different thought about you but try avoiding being stupid about. Don’t blindly call people who may not understand the meaning of what they’re saying a racist. Speak up, be clear, but don’t escalate the situation yourself. Diffuse it, or calmly leave. Another example; Ask an open-ended question like, Why do you think that?, or sharing how you feel about what they have said: It makes me uncomfortable to hear that, why did you say that? I always considered you to be a fair-minded person, Why do you think that funny? (Admin). These two examples can be useful for you to debrief these situations with like minded people. The bad thing about this is that it will not always work, try not to be discouraged, because some people will take longer than others to understand the impact of racism. Likewise, the solution is going to prevent racism in the U.S. Preventing the problem can decrease the chances of getting pushed around.

Although, these solutions I’ve stated are useful, there are plenty more, Ignore and walk away. I give this example because I think it is an easy way by not just standing there arguing back and forth, and if you don’t walk away and ignore the person. Just say the examples I had given before. Another great solution is speaking up, we all know that racism can cause war and demolish the world, so we should speak up whenever we see racism happening. Racism has been around for years and years, education is the key for many complicated issues we face in this country. In addition, A final solution that will most likely work is, People need to teach their friends and families about racism. Because if that person does not learn the right way, then they will highly risk someone life. With so many solutions that can be made, there can always be a low chance in getting a fight or argument with someone that is racist.

The best solution I would give about racism is teaching your kids at a young age that racism is not okay, kids will always start from walking in their parent’s steps. If the parents will teach them that racism is no good, the world and especially this country will be more peaceful and everyone will see each other as equal people in the future, but if the parents teach them that racism is a good thing, the future will look the same as always and racism will never stop.

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