Prevention of Global Warming

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Updated: Apr 30, 2022
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Imagine living in a world where it’s uninhabited because humans ruined it. A world where it’s slowly rotting and crumbling away and people blaming the causes on things that didn’t contribute to the cause at all. You see a place that looks perfectly fine but under all that beauty it’s fading away right under our noses. To many people, it may not seem like a big deal, but it depends on our survival.

A major effect of global warming is the melting of the ice and glaciers.

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To put it in simple terms as the glaciers and ice melt, the more the sea level rises. As a result of ocean currents, the ocean is getting warmer causing all of the ice and glaciers to melt and if continued it will disrupt weather patterns on a global scale. With its rate, most coastal areas will be highly affected by this epidemic including destructive storms and hurricanes. As levels of CO2 rise, the ocean absorbs those gases which in turn increases the acidity in the waters. This event could be very dangerous considering that many organisms wouldn’t be able to survive because of the amount of carbonic acid in the water. On top of that, the carbonic acid will continue to rise because of the more water-absorbing CO2.

It’s not only affecting the ice and weather but also plants and animals that also live here with us. One effect would be the alternation of some other organism’s life cycle. With animals starting or ending their hibernation or migration at different times messes up the flow of the relationship between Earth and the inhabitants. It already affected some species to where they have to move north as a result of the warm temperatures. Research has shown that different species that coexist within their ecosystem would respond to global warming together to adapt themselves to it. However, those species coexisting in that ecosystem respond to it in different ways of each other that tears them apart. With the circumstances already happening, it makes matters much worse than it already is.

Global warming isn’t only a random topic that should be pushed aside to be dealt with another day. It is real life and affecting us in many ways that most people don’t even know yet. An issue like this should be known and prevented before it’s too late and the effects have already been set in place and can’t be undone. 

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