The Universal Problem Described in Brave New World

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Aldous Huxley’s novel depicts dystopia, a monstrous, repulsive and unsuccessful version of a utopian society. The desire of perfection, the urge of representing all things idealistic, ultimately is far-fetched and unrealistic. Subsequently, leading to the downfall of human nature and anything morally good. Widespread desolation is not uncommon in a dystopian community, and in fact should serve as a fair warning to our generation. Huxley’s Brave New World is focused on living in a dystopian city where everyone is conditioned to be happy at all times.

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They’re programmed without having the capability to think on their own, ensuring the motto of “Community, Identity, Stability”. The novel delivers the most unthinkable proposals, however it is not far off in today’s society.

An advancement so powerful, beneficial and most importantly profitable has provided an absurd number of drawbacks. In a world with technology on the rise, it’s rather impractical to experience the happiness once derived from just living. Our reliance on technology has soared higher that anyone could have ever imagined. Humans have been brainwashed to assume that technology can satisfy all of our wants and needs. Regrettably, technology is hands down one of the worst things mankind has ever laid upon itself. The digital world nowadays is nearly inescapable as mainstream media, billboards and cellular devices are undoubtedly everywhere. We are discouraged at the idea of the characters from Brave New World depending on soma to cleanse away immoral and depressive feelings. Although I reckon that technology is the equivalent to soma.

Technology has polluted our culture immensely, everyone is under the assumption that these “high-tech” machineries are the answer to everything. In all seriousness, our relationship with technology is parasitic. The internet alone has enabled hostility, trolling, bullying and last but not least empowered materialism. Our world today is a consumer economy, you’re basically buying your way to happiness. Comparable to soma, the temporary relief received from technology is the reason we have a longing for more. Technology is not a necessity, but sadly we have developed this beastly obsession with obtaining, what is considered to be “state-of-the-art” products. People are encouraged to maintain their consumption addiction because of technology, a delusional craving for material items.

The novel states, “When he tore his clothes, Linda did not know how to mend them. In the Other Place, she told him, people threw away clothes with holes in them and got new ones” The Other Place also known as the World State, easily replaces damaged items instead of attempting to repair them. Today, a majority of our population will consider their current device useless when a new and improved version is available to the public. Overconsumption is a universal problem, there is no logic behind it. Realistically, it’s a dead end. You’re on the route of dissatisfaction in the long run. Civilians in Brave New World lack independence, individuality and are classified based on their caste. Today, humans are classified not based on what one does, but rather what one owns. Society is convincing us what we should be instead of what we want to be, which is relatively similar to the alphas, betas, deltas, gammas and epsilons.

With technology, we have lost connection with the real world. A line from Brave New World states, “I want to look at the sea in peace. It makes me feel as though I were more me, if you see what I mean. More on my own, not so completely part of something else. Not just a cell in the social body.” The idea of spending your time outdoors surrounded by nature is glorified as foolish. A society like Brave New World despises a love for nature and typically tries to abolish it at all costs. Technology has done a phenomenal job at distracting people from living their life to the fullest potential. The desire to explore the unexplored is suddenly replaced with search engine sites. We have been graciously given the gift of nature, expected to seize the opportunity to run under the sun of possibilities and dance in its warmth of wisdom. Though, technology seems to remain as the primary focus, and everything else is thrown into the shadows.

Huxley’s interpretation of a dystopian society radiates pure agony and a sense of uneasiness. The characters in Brave New World shield themselves from the truth, and blatantly ignore the world around them. People run away from reality, avoiding the misery they have brought upon society and themselves. We have lost our minds as a culture, and technology is only adding on to the existing negativity. Materialism is perpendicular to corruption. But happiness will always come from within. It’s an attitude, not an item purchased whether it be antidepressants or technology.

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