Overpopulation Hoax or True Concern

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Overpopulation Hoax or True Concern

This essay delves into the debate surrounding overpopulation, examining the arguments from both sides—those claiming it as an exaggerated concern and others asserting it as a pressing global issue. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Birth Control topic.

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As a society, we live our lives day by day worrying about small things that might not matter focusing on wanting more and more as the days go by. Yet we never stop for a moment to think about the planet. The place that lets us create life and breathe in all the beautiful things that it provides for us. Letting us make a home surrounded by the people we love and things we desire. Now if we take a moment and realize that there are about 7.

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6 billion people, the question is that we should all be concern about is are we really overpopulating earth, or can it sustain more people? Is it really a hoax or should we be a concern on how we are affecting the environment and the people?

Overpopulation occurs when the state or country are being populated by larger numbers than it has the capacity and resources for. There are multiple ways that lead to overpopulation such as an increase in birth while a decrease in mortality rates, as well as fewer resources, are a few of the causes of overpopulation. That’s a perspective look at it through the humans populating the earth but then there is also the environmental problems which some of those are deforestation, pollution, and acid rain. The answer to whether to be a concern or not concern is yes, we should be worried about overpopulation. Overpopulation affects the environment where we get all our resources from. We should be able to find a resolution to our concern and make sure we have resources to help all around the world.

Increase in childbirth is led by resources of contraceptives and poverty. Not being able to have access to contraceptive lead to unanticipated pregnancies as well as not being able to afford them can all cause unplanned pregnancies. Allowing women to know more about the reproductive health services can help them understand that there are safe options that cannot put you at risk for unwanted pregnancies. Giving more than one option of contraceptives that are affordable for people who are in poverty to prevent pregnancies thus lower the increase in births around the world. Morality rate has been reduced throughout time which is good news seeing that people have a chance to live longer but since the increase in childbirth causes issues to the population. One of the main reasons for lower mortality rate is technology. As times goes on we are advancing in medical technology and removing dangerous diseases such as measles. Each day we create new ways to treat patients and new discoveries in the medical field that help us make a cure for illness. Since the growth of population seems to increase so does our resources. The more people we have the more things we need such as food, water, fuel, medical facilities which will include more buildings and find where we can build those structures. Creating bigger strains on manufacturers and the earth.

Another way overpopulation can be impacted is through the environment which we don’t know how much the resources we are diminishing on earth since we are not taking a moment to realize how alarm we should be about the population of people all around the world. Pollution is one of the causes that lead to overpopulation since people around the world still do not have access to clean water such as Afghanistan, India, Haiti, Bangladesh and other third world countries. Without clean water, this leads to folks being sick and needing medical attention to help them get better. Yet in most places in third world countries hospital beds are full of sick patients leading to creating more medical facilities to treat those who are ill. Leading back to deforestation and creating buildings while destroying the forest to create facilities. As a society, we keep contaminating all our resources which make it harder to get clean and healthy water and air. Even if the United States has improved there are still third world countries that the smog blocks out the sun in an intense cloak of pollution. Which again can lead to individuals needing medical help thus limiting the resources that they might not have.

Acid rain is generated as soon as we burn coal which produces Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides as stated in the article 10 ways Humans Impact the Environment written by Interesting Engineering. Once that happens it releases into the air that leads to clouds becoming soaked in what the burning coal created. When it rains the trees and lakes and all types of bodies of water absorb it hence creating destruction to the environment. This happens by the trees absorbing the acid rain and slowly killing the tree by the toxin it inhaled. Starting with the leaves and slowly leading to the roots and killing off forest that provides homes for animals then leading to the forest being killed. Deforestation is caused by the additional people on this planet which means more homes, schools, and buildings need to be build and for that to happen, we need to clear a forest. We need to cut down a forest to provide room for people to build homes and schools since we are increasing in the number of people. Trees are the main fabricators of oxygen which cutting them down is not a wise idea. Not only is it not a good idea to humans but animals as well since you are damaging the place they call home. There are ways to solve all these problems if we all decide to start changing our minds about overpopulation and start being concerned about our future and the future of our children.

The article 9 Unique Solutions to Overpopulation written by Crystal Lombardo first method was to promote adoption since many people can adopt internationally which could help with the overpopulations around the world. There are many children up for adoption that need a home where they can be loved and nurtured. Helping adopt a child does not only happen them having a home to grow up with love but minimize the population across the world. The second method is creating and implementing national and worldwide media coverage about overpopulation. That way people are aware of what’s going on and maybe people can come up with better solutions. They have a right to know what is going on the world and how all these problems are going to affect them and their future children. The third method is aiming for single-child families and encouraging people that it’s better for the earth or going back to method one and adopting. Showing them that there are many ways to save the earth of over-populating but also getting a child. The four method is changing social norms about people not wanting children and treating them as if they are making a huge mistake by not having them. In life you grow up, get a job and start a family and the cycle begins again. There are people out there that do not want that life and they get pressure into wanting it because society demands it from them. The world will keep spinning. Although not all nine were mentioned those of some solution that can start a conversation to change our ways.

All the problems mentioned above are huge issues that we should worry about and start taking action on improving our way of life. They all connect with one another and all seem to be leading to the same outcome. As a society, we should be concerned about the overpopulation and we should start creating permanent solutions to start saving our future. There are few solutions that are not permanent just suggestion and that needs to change if we want a future. People need to start listening to the population and start caring. We need to come together as a whole, not just a country but as the world and start providing help to those in need. It is time we stop just living but also surviving.

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