Origin of Coca Cola

People have been using the drink Coca Cola for over 132 years. The drink started as a medicine that was thought to cure headaches, but soon turned into a refreshment that several people know and love. Coca Cola has changed immensely over time.

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After the drink turned into a loving addictive carbonated treat many people considered it more of a drink for pleasure instead of a drink for a cure. The drink was created by Dr. John S. Pemberton on On May 8, 1886. He made what he thought was a new medication, but turned out to be one of the most loved drinks in the world . The flavored syrup inspired by curiosity was initially sold for ailments such as nausea or headaches.

Once “Doc” made his formula, he took it to a nearby pharmacy. At Jacob’s pharmacy it was combined with carbonated water and the result was an idea for a new kind fountain drink. The logo originated from the calligraphy of Frank Robinson. The logo is still used today and most likely won’t ever change because it draws attention to the product, and it has been remembered throughout the years as the one and only Coca Cola logo. The two most important ingredients that we know of are Kola nuts and the Coca leaf, hence the name Coca Cola. In the early 1900s people started saying they found small amounts of cocaine from the coca leaf in the product, but in 1929 it was proven that there was no traces of cocaine in the product. Although cocaine could be used to give a negative name to Coca Cola, it was created as a medicine and cocaine had several healing powers, and it wasn’t banned in the United States until the 1986 when the “war on drugs” broke out. In 1892, the company was purchased from John Pemberton to Asa Candler. Candler put the logo on napkins, calendars, etc on a budget of $11,000.

This boosted the demand and lead to more companies spread out across America. Once the company got their first celebrity endorsement (Hilda Clark 1900), numerous celebrities have represented Coca Cola. By 1920, Coca Cola added billboards and radio programs to their advertising. The famous Coca Cola Christmas Campaign began in 1930 with drawings of Santa Claus on the pop bottle to get people in the Christmas spirit. This has stuck with the company for several years, as it is still a tradition today. Another tradition, is the polar bears on the bottles. The debut of polar bears connecting with Coca Cola started in 1933 and it blew up when it comes to marketing. Although it seems like the company has had a perfect ride to get to where it is today, there were several set backs for the company. A couple of major setbacks for the company could be when Coca Cola changed its formula causing very negative feedback, or when they changed their logo to try to compete with the Pepsi company. Coca Cola has left its mark on the world since the beginning of its creation. When it comes to the bottles, the logos and the taste there is nothing that compares to Coca Cola.

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