Online Shopping Versus In-Store Shopping

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Nowadays, the development of technology including the internet brings people a lot of benefits. A lot of people use the internet to search the needed information, to learn something new, and to buy things. Therefore, this leads to the strong growing of online shopping. Madeline Farber stated on the Fortune News that “an annual survey by analytics firm comScore (SCOR, -1.73%) and UPS (UPS, +1.52%) found that consumers are now buying more things online than in stores.” Online shopping is better because it is more convenient, save more time, and save more money than in-store shopping.

Online shopping is more convenient than in-store shopping because people can buy anything no matter where they are. With shopping online, they are easily to find and get the old things that no longer produce, or the used things. For instance, some people, who are antiquarian, can collect the antiques without travel to overseas. Moreover, it gives a comfortable environment for buyers. They can sit anywhere, wear anything such as pajamas, and find things that they want to buy on the internet at anytime. Even more, it easily to send gifts to friends or family. They just need to stay at home, find things, and place their order. The best part is the orders are delivered straight to the door without going anywhere. On the contrary, people might not get what they need when they go to shopping at store. Some may be out of stock or no longer produce, and people have to go somewhere else. Besides, some want to know the material and suitable of things, so they choose in-store shopping. For example, at the store, people can try on a piece of clothing to check if it fits or how it looks, but the disadvantage is that they need to know the opening hours to make sure the stores will not close when they arrive. People choose online shopping because of its convenience as well as saving more time.

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Saving time is another advantage of online shopping. After a long day work, shopping at home seems to be less stressful. It gives people time to rest and spend time with family. They do not waste their time to drive, find parking, and go around to look for things. Besides, they can use the brake at work or at school to find items and products at a click of a button. People, who work extra hours, can shop online at night even when the stores are closed. In addition, they do not need to wait for a long line at the checkout. On the other hand, with in-store shopping, sometimes it is good to get out of the house, but it is sometimes also headache. Driving to the store and find parking is not always so great. During the holidays, going in the crowded store can be a bit stressful. Some items have been moved around, people are elbowing others out, and they also wait for a long time when checkout. Online shopping is not only saves more time, but it also saves more money for people.

Online shopping helps people save more money than shopping at store. It offers too many cheap sellers and gives people the price comparison, so they can choose the cheapest place to buy. There are always great deals and sales. It usually has discount for the first time shop online and a lot of discounts for online shopping only. Because they do not need to drive to store, they can also save money on gas. Otherwise, when people shopping at stores, the prices get marked up and not much sales going on as they should. Because some are not in-store, they have to drive to another stores, and this charges people too much on gas money. The little funny thing that people, especially women, waste their money on unnecessary things when they shop at stores. Consequently, saving money is one of the benefits of online shopping that people love to.

Shopping is a habit also a chore because everyone has to shop to buy the things that support for their daily lives. Consumers believe that online shopping is a new and better way to shop because it is more convenient, save more time, and save more money than in-store shopping. People need to know the differences between those to choose the suitable one and be a smart consumer.

Online Shopping Versus In-Store Shopping essay

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