Office Setting a Touch

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Updated: Sep 20, 2019
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Office Setting a Touch essay

Art is infinite. It has no limits. There is no blueprint of what it is right or wrong and therein lies its beauty. It is a universal language that speaks to people from all walks of life, regardless of religion, race, culture and/or social status. Art can make a change and empower people, almost like the power of ‘one’it could only take one thing, one person, one action, to create a ripple effect sustainable enough to make a difference and carry a large weight of meaning. It serves different functions such as playing the role of visual beauty, symbolism that resembles believes/core values and/or necessary representation in an organization, and the concept could be applied in many areas like, for example, an organization.

In an office setting a touch of color and placing paintings on a wall could alter the mood of a meeting or waiting room. A piece of unusual artwork can make a bland corporate space more inspiring and productive. Images and other artistic pieces are used to either communicate or create an impact to both the staff and visitors. These art pieces work as stimuli to the relaxation and positive being of different people dependent of different factors. They can attract attention, set a mood, and even influence our emotions and perception towards e.

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For example, the reception area is the face of the company; therefore, it possibly contains one of the most visible stimuli in the building.
Warm/earthy color combinations such as brown, green and blue could rest the eyes since employees often stare at computers for a big portion of the day and the colors promote feelings of comfort, trustworthiness and relaxation. Bright colors on the other hand such as reds could make a person feel empowered, motivated and happy. Both color combinations could be subdued as well as professional if the right amount of balance is applied. For this reason, different textures, colors schemes and finishes are considered in order to set the right tone and energy vibe upon entering or exiting the building. In a nutshell, color coordination plays a big role in the personal stimulus of a work setting or environment.

Stimulus traits could be linked to an emotional meaning and can vary widely within and between individual people, depending on their perception. In order to change this stimulus, it could be suggested that one could slightly modify the color schemes in a way that the visual is captured at a glance upon entering or exiting the reception area. This would also work as an incentive for employees who are leaving for the day. This would be an effort of providing them with the same feelings of relaxation and comfort they get as they are ready to end their working day. This also gives them something to look forward to the following day when they have to report back.
The brain is designed to process images quickly, and what that implies is that it means that in many cases, images will work better than words when trying to get your message across.

Personal changes in visual communication could save a company time and money. Getting your point across quickly is a huge benefit for obvious reasons–Time is money, saving time by utilizing visual communication makes sense. For instance, visual communication could result in better retention of the information since people would recall what they see and do. This could have an all-inclusive, understandable impact of the proceedings and activities of the business unit while people could exercise their strengths and weaknesses. This is a probable cause that could potentially get people enjoy their work more and this could mean increased levels of output and extra inspiration to work.

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