Marriage in a World

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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AGD Blind dates are usually made when someone is setting up two people together and the participants are willing to interact with each other.BKGRD In Eastern societies, blind dates are just step 1 to becoming an arranged married couple. ISSUE Despite the standard of various traditions, arranged marriages tend to display their own pre-eminence and downsides.B1 Some women disagree with this method because they are on the shorter side of the stick.B2 However this may be true, becoming a wife promotes a sense of security and belongingness in their society.

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CONNECT Parents that are selecting their daughter’s possible suitors mainly choose them based on how they can contribute to their family. GROWTH Arranged marriages are encouraged their child or young adult to be happy and enjoy their lives with a companion to share it with.

AGD S: LIST, S;S In a world with minorities such as women, they are: being burdened with household chores, do not receive support in female sports and with the lack representation in their governments; they deserve to have the freedoms and liberties to be independent. ISSUE When forced into an arranged marriage, women have more to lose referring to their lifestyle.QUOTE“You lose your identity when you get married, and that’s something I never wanted to do.”(Das, 2017) EX 1 For instance, young ladies that have to relocate and postpone the growing careers du to them not being able to work when being a wife. DETAIL 1 60 percent of Indians have stated that women should not be employed, while 41 percent disapprove. CONNECT Moreover, just because the couple is forced to together promptly do not mean that can not become a functioning team. GROWTH Women in this situation may face depression from being away from home and not enjoying their life in general; IDIOM arranged marriages are breaking a mirror that already has been cracked.

AGD As humans, it is in our nature to be social in groups or tribes in order to survive. Although that may not be the case now, Eastern regions still implement people to be interactive. QUOTE “It’s not about what I am ready for or what is expected. I know I have to do it.” Arranged marriages create a purpose and tenacity which people have respect for. ( Das, 2017) ISSUE In India, marriage is fundamental to abiding by the expectations of being in their society. EXAMPLE 2 For example, in a large group of people that have similar beliefs and idea, they aim to accomplish their goal of being a part of a team or community.DETAIL 2 The encouragement of arranged marriages has helped keep children focused on their beliefs, that are valued in their society. CONNECT No one wants to see anyone by themselves, it is the person’s self- interest to help the person with the motivation to support the community. GROWTH Parents with these expectations know what the best for their child and now they have seemed to have fallen head over heels for arranged marriages.

AGD Dating is like trying on a shirt for the first and figuring out what size you are. Then, wearing the shirt confidently is what happens when arranged marriages are carried out. ISSUE Parents feel that their decision to choose a suitor is neither negative or positive. QUOTE“The human mind find security inhabit so adjusting is hard and change is frightening.” (Rubinstein, 2013) EX People are more comfortable which others that think similarly, but may be excluded from other perspectives. DETAIL Arranged marriages are less likely to divorce than ones that have found each other. CONNECT Marriage is a choice that is made by an individual that should know the expectations of being married, that is why there are fitting rooms are available in clothing stores. GROWTH Jump of the cliff and do not sound the wedding bells. Branch out but do not jump not knowing how to land.

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