Personal Thoughts about Opportunities

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Stated despite being a first generation, Hispanic student, has thrived to do well for school. Did not take any additional courses for boosting test scores (lack of money and knew parents just could not afford). Stated that an arranged marriage between her parents did cause somewhat of a problem to later be created due to religion. Nothing too big which had affected her academic life however. Had received support from both parents. Parents are a chosen love marriage- has 5 siblings as well.

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Happy family and is an average student.

I have found that from the 100 survey results that many find more stress from parents who do actually take part of their academic life. Many of the students said they felt more pressured and stressed to be the top of their class because their parents have expectations for them to meet. Many students who were raised in a single parent household tended to work as hard if not more to keep up with peers who had financial stability. I then found that marriages were not as common as I initially expected. There were much more students than anticipated who’s parents decided to never get married but rather just live together.

I had then seen that many students who did not have the money to essentially receive extra preparation had a lot more stress to achieve the same level of success. The correlation between academic success and type of marriage is quite limited. It seemed to be that income level and and academic success were the larger correlation in this study. No matter of how or where an individual came from, a student and parent did the best of their ability when they had pressure. A student who had come from an arranged marriage herself had stated her family was quite happy and she herself is attending University of California, Riverside this fall, further disproving my initial hypothesis on a child. A coworker of mine from an arranged marriage had stated she is quite happy and in love as well, yet again disproving my theory.


In conclusion to my study there seems to be no factual correlation between the type of marriage one comes from and their level of academic success. After numerous survey analyses and interviews I have come to conclude that arranged marriage does not have a negative effect on the spouse nor the child from the marriage. Contrary to my hypothesis which was that arranged marriages would in fact negatively affect a child’s academic performance. I had also first believed that due to a marriage being forced, an unreal idea of love would be created which in would be inauthentic causing the marriage to dissolves or become unbearable for a child to thrive in.

This research proved that all individuals are of their own kind and a bit of luck may actually be the last component needed in the formula for a successful marriage. If a person would like to research the effects of marriage to prove something which may help modern society in the Western Hemisphere, perhaps a study on Same Sex Marriages and Heterosexual Marriages should be done as to how they impact children. Many people who are homophobic often use the argument a gay/ lesbian couple would not provide adequate foundation of living for a child (adopted) thus prove whether or not that really is true. If I had more time to truly choose my topic I would most likely have dwelled into that research topic.

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