Many Senators Opposed to Protecting LGBT Privileges

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Local News

The state I currently live in is Arizona. At this time, we’re the 3 % of the U.S. states in relations of how it regards individuals of gender and sexual minorities. Its acceptable to say that more than half of Arizona population is homophobic. They’re many senators opposed to protecting LGBT privileges. For example, Governor Doug Ducey and State Attorney General Mark Brnovich, both have worked in contrast to LGBT in Arizona (Pasterkiewicz., Prescott. 2018) Furthermore, Arizona is one of seven states with laws that forbid the promotion of homosexuality and that expressly bans instructors of health and sexuality teaching from deliberating LGBT subjects in a positive light. Nevertheless, Arizona doesn’t fail to surprise you. Recently history was made, Kryrsten Sinema was the 1st female in Arizona to be elected to the U.S. Senate. Sinema was the 1st Democrat in two decades and here is the plot twist she was the 1st openly bisexual representative. So, the true question here is how is Arizona going to deal with merging it anti-gay regulations with the result of the election?

National News

This news was known by many nationwide it was a predicament faced by the Supreme Court weather to protect someone that was discriminated agents at the same time protecting someone religious freedom. The verdict made many backlash and question how the supreme court is reinforcing the law. Phillip is a baker in Colorado who refused to make a custom cake for a same sex couple named Charlie Craig and David Mullins due to his religious belief (Gerstein. 2018). Philips lawyers defense was that his client had the right to his 1st amendment right to freedom of speech. Phillip won with a 7-2 ruling. Many LGBT attorney had negative back lash due to this conclusion I quote, “We believe the rights of minority groups to be free from the oppression of a majority religion cannot be infringed. Freedom of religion is an important and cherished right guaranteed in out Constitution, but that right does not give anyone the right to treat certain Americans as second-class citizens” (Gerstein. 2018).

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There are many reasons why problems arise when someone identifies themselves as lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Some just may feel biases towards the subject of same sex relationship and decided to degrade them because of it. Some have strong religious believes that considers same sex marriages or sexual activity to be a major sin. Some people are just homophobic or transphobic. If you’re not familiar with homophobia and transphobia it signifies someone fear, hatred, discomfort, mistrust with people that don’t consider themselves as “straight” and that are transgender. Its simply the fact that people decide to break the traditional gender norms that get people disoriented. As we may have witnessed before some people decide to act on these emotions for example the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando. The mastermind of the crime was Mir Seddique Mateen. Manteen parents expressed that he wasn’t near religious so that wasn’t the factor but they did mention that Manteen witnessed two gentlemen kissing and he reacted outraged.

Police Actions

Due to lack of reporting hate crimes as well as resources of training on how to handle hate crimes has caused an immense gap within law enforcement. While taking criminal justice classes none offered sexual orientation courses. Nevertheless, little to no University offered courses of sexual orientation the subject arises in small subject matters like issues of minorities or crimes aiming victims based on status” (Marzullo. Libman. n.d). A study was done in eight police department the conclusion was that all department lacked training and officers used ideas of archetype bias crimes (Marzullo. Libman. n.d). I believe criminal justice courses don’t educate their student on these subject because at one point it was an issue barely reported, but now that people have become more sexually open many people are retaliating. Due to the up rise of hate crime on the LGBT community schools and employers should consider training their student and employees on crimes that are in high demand we have to view it in a business setting the victims are the customers and we’re there to serve and protect them to the best of our ability.

Nature of Crime

Sexual Orientation ranks as the 3rd highest motivator for hate crimes incident this is in regards to local and nationwide crimes. Some of them are led due to religious believes or it can be as simple as ego. In my family this “ego” is called machismo signifying the men in the family had to portray an image of a strong masculine man there was no such thing as gay or feminine men. Due to these ranks the LGBT community are at higher stake of depression, suicide, and being bullied. I suppose lack of support of random civilian is not enough, also equality in classroom is diminishing. In a 2015 survey, 82% of LGBT students reporting over hearing other speaking negatively about LGBT, 71% reported being verbally victimized due to their sexual orientation. The crime LGBT are enduring a variety of different crimes whether it be verbally, psychological, physical etc. Hate crimes regardless if its sexual orientation, race, religion, gender it should be taken lightly because all in all we’re all human.”

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