Main Issues of American Taxes

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Taxes are something every American has to do in their life. It’s a responsibility that every American file their taxes. A lot may not agree with the idea of taxes up, so they don’t pay them. Should I pay them? Is a popular tax question and, should taxes be the same for everyone? My goal in this paper is to see both sides of the two questions and figure the reason behind them and get a further understanding of taxes.

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Taxes is a responsibility that people have that gives back to the American people, to people are accountable for doing their taxes. Taxes originally established in 1861(but goes way back farther into history) to pay for war expenses it has changed now they are no longer using tax for just war you now get money back from taxes. Not all people like to pay taxes half of Americans won’t pay taxes. Some have good reasons why they cannot pay taxes like if they fall below the poverty line, others just don’t want to pay them. Many wealthy people feel like they shouldn’t or don’t have to pay taxes, so they don’t. Many Americans that pay taxes and aren’t middle class or higher feel like those people who feel like they don’t have to pay taxes should have some punishment or be held responsible to pay taxes. Taxes have changed over time like back when taxes first got introduced they put taxes on everything, they do that now but, people get money back from their taxes. People who don’t pay taxes will have to face a failure-to-file penalty which results in having interest build up until you do pay it along with a possible fee. Not paying taxes will cause you to have to face the IRS. The most common issue facing taxes is people not filing them. Local governments usually collect taxes. Taxes come in different forms there are several types of taxes some being: income, social security, sales, property, etc.

Many Americans (unless they’re in politics or business or just find taxes interesting) don’t really find taxes interesting. Contrary to popular beliefs taxes help give to different things in the economy. Many don’t pay taxes because they don’t see the reason to pay them, others just don’t pay. People mostly pay them just, so they won’t get in trouble with the IRS. Owing the IRS is not what a lot of people want to do that could cause a lot of people to fall in debt worse than they’re already in.

The more money you make the lower your tax rate is (which is totally unfair). With, that being said some millionaires and billionaires feel like they don’t have to pay taxes. For, people below the poverty line/ people who aren’t millionaires and billionaires don’t think that’s fair. They don’t think it’s fair because just because they don’t make that much amount of money that the wealthy make doesn’t mean that they should have to pay more or get less. This makes some people not even want to pay taxes. In, “my” opinion I feel like this is the main reason people don’t/ don’t want to pay taxes because of the unfairness in it. My goal for this essay was to answer the questions: Should you be paying taxes and should they be the same for everyone?

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