Looking Back through History Women Faced Various Challenges

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Updated: Feb 24, 2021
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Looking back through history women faced various obstacles/challenges and endured discrimination in various ways. Women held very little legal rights such as voting which led to the Women Suffrage Movement which begun in 1848. Years back, women were considered property of men and because of that lacked independence and a voice. “Women in the 1930s often worked out of necessity, as the hard economic times of the Depression forced many women to postpone marriage or to replace or supplement in the lost income of unemployed or underemployed husbands” (Sernau, 2013, p.73). The sole reason women were employed was due to financial instability. There was a need for women to bring in source of income to help support families. It was beneficial at the time because it was a time of necessity and families needed to be supported through any source of income. When World War II ended due to war casualties’ men were wiped out and because of that Germany and the Soviet Union continued to encourage women to participate in the industry (Sernau, 2013, p. 73).

Again, this was due to necessity and instability not because women were looked up as competent. In times of struggle women were uplifted and invited into the workforce. Men who lacked employment then took on child care responsibilities. As discussed in the Global Social Change course, there has been a change of events where women were qualified for jobs that men were considered incompetent. Due to advancement in technology, hard labor of men is not a necessity as it once used to be. At one point in time, women were needed to operate machines and provide knitting services that men were incapable of providing. Women taking on the role of childcare and household responsibilities and men covering financial stability continues to be a norm held in various societies across the world. Although we live in Modern time and child responsibilities are equal among two parents there is still gender stigma. It is more likely for women to hold domestic chores and child responsibilities. Men continue to be viewed as bread winners and women are looked upon as feminine/nurturing and because of that are expected to look after the family. Theses gender roles create barriers in the workplace and this may be a result of lack of adequate health services such as providing contraception. Despite the fact that women have entered the work field they are still disadvantaged due to the glass ceiling and the gap in pay. Lack of child care and responsibilities interfere with advancement in employment and this will be explored further in this paper.

Gender Equality

What is gender equality? In this paper gender equality is defined as the ability for both boys and girls and men and women to receive equivalent opportunities and savor the same rights. It doesn’t necessarily mean that men and women would be made equal but gender will not have an influence on the rights and opportunities one will come across. There needs to be equivalence in schooling, health care, workplace, politics and in economic rights. Men and women being treated equally would be of benefit to the economy as well to well being and development. Due to the fact that women are still forbidden from receiving an education and entering the workforce in some countries family well being is put at risk. Women becoming employed and becoming a source of income is a beneficial in regards to supporting families. Gender inequality exists all across the globe. Through promoting gender equality the well being of individuals will be enhanced through reducing poverty and promoting health and education. Gender equality is important because it is a human right. Human rights consist of the right to be educated, be free of violence and others in that nature. Women should not be deprived of the right to receive an education, right to own property and right to earn equal pay on the sole basis of their gender.”

Looking Back through History Women Faced Various Challenges essay

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