Oppression in Education System

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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While both philosophers have similar perspectives such as reason and freedom being essential in a child’s life, they also have many dissimilarities. I agree with Locke’s education advice because he emphasizes more that moral education is the most vital education of all methods. Coming from a religious family, virtues and religion are important factors one must teach a child of. Locke stresses the importance of religion and virtues in order to raise a well-ordered human being and in order to for a person to be happy.

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“I place virtue as the first and most necessary of those endowments that belong to a man or gentlemen, as absolutely requisite to make him valued and beloved by others, acceptable to himself” (Locke102).

Religion is a true notion of morality and that should be taught at a young age in order to start getting the knowledge of virtue since their minds are blank at that stage of life, according to Locke. Once a child starts growing, its harder to mold a child or make him understand these views. One of the essential reasons of virtue is the ability to differentiate reason and desire as well. It’s more of a self-discipline and without virtue, it’s hard to understand reason or how to perform rationally. The goal of raising children with virtues is for them to become reasonable, wise, and noble adults.

Locke goes more in depth conversing a more logical education one must educate their children with. Another, out of many features one should consider is, his advice on familiarity, nurture, and compassion. Communication is one of the most important factors one should have with their children. He concludes that one should create a friendship instead of acting as a stranger. As a parent, we want our children to be confident enough to ask for advice in case they come across with a situation, they need help with. Compassion and treating others with respect will make a positive adult as well.

Always treating people with respect and kindness whether in a level above or beneath them, brings positive outcomes and says a lot about a person’s qualities. There’s a famous quote by Janelle Mones that says “I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.” We have many arrogant or boastful people in this world and therefore need to educate children how to be kind and respectful for a better society. A child who doesn’t get this type of education from a parent, an “ill bred,” as Locke says can lead to “oppression and cruelty” (Locke 92). In addition, Locke’s viewpoints are seen in today’s educational-teaching system.

This is essential to a teacher’s curriculum because educating a child through play, makes learning more pleasing. It makes children want to learn more and the more they learn, the more beneficial for a child. Children, especially preschoolers love to play, and learning through play will make them succeed. Example, students get tested on different subjects. Some elementary schools have a computer program called accelerated reader, which monitors children’s progress in reading.

It’s a reading game about a flower that attracts children to read; the more books they read, the faster the flower grows. Every book they read and get quizzed on is a petal, and the goal is to make the flower fully bloom, achieve, and surpass their reading level. When that flower is fully blossomed, they get a prize. Children are learning though play and they can test early before school starts and afterschool as well. This learning through play, even makes a child want to go to school, be there on time, and engage more in school activities. Also, if one method of learning doesn’t work, Locke suggest to try a different method and not make it a duty for them to learn. “I advised to try another way than requiring it him as his duty;” (Locke 114).

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