Is Fortnite Bad for Kids

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Did you know that 78 million people play Fortnite? Fortnite is an online game where people battle out on a island until only one team is left. People can use many different weapons. I think Fortnite isn’t bad for kids because it helps improve kids social skills and contains no violent. The article “Debate Is Fortnite Bad for Kids?{A1} ” is where the information was found.

Fortnite helps kids learn how to work as a team. Fortnite involves a lot of cooperation and coordination that needs to happen. In the article it says “Fortnite also helps to improve kids social skills.” Fortnite also lets people crossplay. Crossplay helps people work as a team because friends don’t have to have the same console.Crossplay means that if someone is playing Fortnite on an X-Box they could play with someone playing with a PS4. There are different game modes in Fortnite. One of the game modes is playground. Playground is where you can 1v1 people or build massive cool structures.”Playing Fortnite helps build social skills.”[A1] This is one reason why Fortnite isn’t bad for kids.

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Another reason why parents should let their kids play Fortnite is because it’s not graphic. Fortnite has no gore and its cartoonish. In the article it stated” The game also never mentions death, you simply get eliminated.”[A1] The Fortnite characters are not lifelike and there are no guts and or blood.As stated in the Article it says “Fortnite is a multiplayer shooting game that has a very bright and friendly visual style”. The game never promotes violence.

Some people say that Fortnite is too violent for kids. I believe that Fortnite isn’t violent. I say this because in the article is says” it contains no gore.” Parents also say that Fortnite is addictive but if you set a timer for an hour then you’ll have no problem. Others also say that the game cost too much money. The game is free but you can buy v-bucks to get skins. If you simply tell your kids no or make them work for their money them everyone’s happy.

Fortnite is not bad for kids.The game helps kids build their social skills and they learn to work as a team. Epic games has made a profit of over 223 Million dollars off this game. I wonder how much the number will go up in the future?

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