IPhones from China to Canada and Korea

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As the Canadian and the Korean governments are geared towards helping importers and the industry in general, they subject all products being imported to a regulatory check to ensure their compliance with certain requirements and conditions (Rodriguez 12). IPhones being among the products imported from this country, therefore, needs to comply with certain special requirements for them to be allowed for shipping to Canada, Korea, and other countries. This paper explores various requirements that the shipping and distribution team should ensure iPhone meet in order to be shipped from China to the Canadian and Korean markets.

One of the requirements relates to environmental issues because there are global warming concerns that are likely to affect these gadgets when exporting them from China to Canada and Korea. The risk factor associated with global warming is that it is likely to disrupt the transoceanic shipping and the supply chain in general. Another environmental concern is refrigeration and humidity in the new environments because these countries experience high levels of humidity which make the water sensors in the phones not to function hence increasing the chances of destroying the gadgets (Xing 195). Therefore, the company should test the phones before shipping them to ensure that they can function properly in humid areas.

The other requirement is the packaging and handling of the phones for protection. In this case, the company designs cavities that are crafted to hold each accessory in a position which protects the products and also displays the aesthetic which the company uses in its hardware. Given that Canada and Korea are far away from China, shipping iPhones to these countries when they are not properly packaged may damage them even before they get to their intended destinations. For this reason, the company needs to cover the products in several layers of bubble wrap as it protects the screens from casing impact. Also, it should ensure that the phones remain immobile in order to protect them from any form of impact.

Theft is a major concern facing the company when shipping the phones. Many cases have been reported where a customer buys an iPhone only to realize that the box is empty. This means that the phones are stolen during the shipment process because the company does not pack empty boxes (Rodrigez 64). Therefore, when shipping the phones to Canada and Korea, this organization should take the first step to ensure that the phones reach the customers by investigating the shipping company. it should also ensure that proper measures are put in place to ensure that no phones are stolen during shipment process, and the company that ships the gadgets to these countries is held accountable in case of any reported claim of stolen products. Hazardous materials concerns

The other concern facing apple is the presence of hazardous materials in its phones. A recent test indicated the presence of harmful chemicals like “phthalates” in the earphones, and this may be risky because it can make consumers to develop negative perceptions towards the company. For iPhones to be successfully shipped to Canada and Korea, Apple should ensure its products do not have harmful chemicals as this may undermine the phones recycling when discarded (Chen 40). Also, these materials are harmful to the environment and therefore this may make the agencies inspecting the phones being exported to these countries to reject them. Licensing and labeling concerns

Licensing and labeling are others concern that the company should acknowledge when shipping is products to Canada and Korea. For iPhones to be able to penetrate these countries, its products must be correctly labeled with the required trade descriptions before the shipment process begins. Also, the company must comply with the respective government regulations through the application of special licenses that are required for high-tech devices. Licenses are very crucial when importing or exporting products and therefore applying for licenses should be Apple’s top priority if it wants its products to be allowed in these countries.

Before the products are allowed to these countries, a thorough inspection is done to ensure that they are safe for use, and they comply with the requirements laid out by the Canadian and Korean governments. Apple should be concerned with the inspection of their products in the overseas countries by ensuring that they meet all the required standards to avoid being rejected upon inspection (Grainger 159). The last concern for Apple Company is the approval of its products by the border service agencies in Canada and in Korea. The company needs to follow all import conditions in place by having the relevant documents and ensuring that the phones are of high quality for them to be allowed in these countries.

Due to the high volumes of Apple smartphones traded between China, Canada and Korea it is clear that their trade bond is strong and therefore various factors must be considered before the gadgets are exported to these countries. Before shipment, Apple ensures that its phones are of high quality in order to make it easy for the Canadian and the Korean governments to approve the phones into their countries. The company also ensures that it meets all the requirements put in place for successful shipping and distribution of the phones into these countries. To minimize chances of damage during shipment, the company packs its phones in a manner which protects the screens from damage so as to deliver them in the best form for inspection by the border agencies.


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