Infrastructure Resilience Planning

A significant number of nations have a more efficient government which has the advantage of achieving high levels of economic growth as compared to other states. This is accomplished through obtaining better credit rating as well as attracting more investors who are offering high quality services thus putting foreign aid resources to better use.

In the recent years in Canada, climate change has provided insight into what it means in building infrastructure across the entire country. Notably, floods affect the management and road system thus threatens the integrity of building infrastructure in Canada. The current Canadian federal has significantly influenced the delivery of adequate national infrastructure resilience (O’Sullivan, 240).

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The Canadian government first approach is the responsibility for the resilience of critical infrastructure which lies within the operators. Through the Canadian government, regulators and industries have been working together thus ensuring that any infrastructural investment considers the needs for having security and resilience, therefore, Canadians has significantly influenced the effectiveness of national infrastructure resilience. Moreover, the Canadian federal also ensures that the transportation system strengthens the merging among various regions which are affected by the global trend as it provides international competition leakage (O’Sullivan, 240).

Chiefly, both Canada and the United States had a similar purpose of strengthening security and their resiliency through establishing a border approach to critical infrastructure resilience. Therefore, for efficient development of the resilient infrastructure, Canada, and the United States has guided the regional approaches to the cross-border. Moreover, both countries are heavily investing in each other where the US invests most in Canadian mining while Canadian invests most on finance and insurance thus, these countries are significantly influencing the resilient infrastructure development (O’Sullivan, 240).

In conclusion, the use of local resources and knowledge has enabled Canada as well as US and UK in developing the resilient infrastructure. Notably, a considerable number of societies across the nations depend most on the proper functioning of the infrastructure system.

Work Cited

O’Sullivan, Tracey L., et al. “Unraveling the complexities of disaster management: A framework for critical social infrastructure to promote population health and resilience.” Social Science & Medicine 93 (2013): 238-246

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