Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The University of New Mexico Hospital is a teaching hospital in which UNM is considered a top medical school. The universities professors and future healthcare providers are trained to handle many different types of healthcare needs. The University of New Mexico is ranked #20 in primary care, and #72 in research. This hospital is owned by Bernalillo County and they stay on top of training their providers on the necessary procedures since they are the only Level 1 Trauma Center in New Mexico. Without this facility, trauma and other critical patients would have to be transferred out of state to receive such services. The uninsured and low income can also receive necessary services, which they would other wise not be able to afford or receive without health insurance coverage. (Schidlow, 2008).

The Analysis of the Strengths for The University of New Mexico are the following it being the largest critical care facility in New Mexico and the only Level 1 Trauma Center as well. Their staff is focused on providing quality care to the community, no matter their demographics or their ability to pay. They offer top notch care, but also offer financial assistance to those in need. Providing financial assistance to these patients does not interfere with the revenue of the hospital since they do receive county funding. The University of New Mexico’s mission is to better the community one patient at a time which is seen as an investment in the community of people in New Mexico. They can provide the latest care and technology that is available to them. This is beneficial to the patients who are saved as well as business for the hospital since they are recognized, and people want to go to UNM for their healthcare needs.

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(K. B., 2017).

The University of New Mexico’s weaknesses are having an over load of patients in their emergency departments since they do serve so many individuals. Many times, they have individuals who may abuse the financial services and use them even if they are able to afford to pay out of pocket. This can make an impact on their funding and their revenues made from paying patients and or insurance companies. If they lost funding they would not have the ability to serve as many patients and the community would suffer. UNM has an exponential and very large behavioral health provider system. Without the mental health services, it would make a negative impact on the community. Patient overload can have a negative impact since it takes away from individualized time with the provider and patient. Each patient needs to have their healthcare providers undivided attention when being treated to assure nothing is missed. (Schidlow, 2008).

The University of New Mexico Hospital is a teaching hospital, this adds some liability to the hospital which can be a weakness for the facility. There are many providers working under a supervising provider, who both have high responsibilities to not endanger patients and provide them with the best quality of care possible. Students and staff members need to remember their responsibilities to quality of care but also to the privacy of the patient. Many patients may not be okay with students and providers in training being in the room and their wishes must be acknowledged if it is not medically necessary. Patients going to UNM are made aware and are usually understanding about the students and teaching hospital, so they can consent if they choose. (Schidlow, 2008).


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