Completely Legal for Walmart to Hire Many Part Time Workers

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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“It is completely legal for Walmart to hire many part time workers, offering jobs that some people consider “dead end”, pay low wages, and have substandard benefits. Walmart is acting legally in these actions but is what they are doing right ? They have also been accused of making employees work off the clock by asking them to “do a favor” after they have already clocked out, gender discrimination against women, and fighting against unions and unionization. If able to be proven the last few acts listed are illegal.

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These are all major ethical issues! The illegal aspect of this case comes from the actions of middle and lower management. Middle and lower management throughout this case displayed an immoral style of management. There were accusations of managers not allowing employees to socialize with each other during work hours. There were also accusations of managers pressuring employees for “favors” after they have already clocked out, resulting in them working off the clock. Some managers were even accused of deleting hours from employee time logs in order to get their labor costs to meet corporate expectations as well as even punishing some employees who claimed overtime hours. All of these accusations are not only immoral but also illegal and wrong.

Upper level and senior management have displayed an amoral management style in this case, receiving feedback and complaints in regard to the company’s gender discrimination and pay inequality, but choosing to look the other way. Regardless of being aware of these injustices, they decided to continue being inconsiderate and continue with business as usual.

In regard to unionization at Walmart, every time someone talks about it or tries to implement unionization they are terminated. For example, the first ever union in Walmart was in the meat cutting department, and they were terminated from all Walmart stores once the union was in place. Is that really just a coincidence or did Walmart see potential for unions to infiltrate the deli departments across all Walmart’s? According to employees Walmart provides poor benefits and low wages. Logically speaking, jobseekers want a job with fair pay and good benefits when seeking for a career. If the company were to sign unionization laws, employees would get the pay and benefits they feel they deserve. The company fires anyone who votes in favor of unionization which has cause employees to feel intimidated and to feel like it is wrong for the company to fight unionization. If you look at unionization from Walmart’s perspective unionization would mean more restrictions on how the company operates. The company would also have to pay more wages and benefits leading to increased labor costs. With all of that being said, if Walmart were to pay fair wages and benefits and train lower level managers to treat employees appropriately, there would be no threat of unionization to begin with.”

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