Impact of the Civil Rights Laws

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The Civil Rights Movement continues to impact society today, this has inspired and impacted the lives of many. Humanities is by definition, “the study of how people process and document the human experience”. From the beginning of time, the human race has used philosophy, literature art, music, and history to make record of the world as a whole. Culture is a a very important part of our society as a whole, it is by definition the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people.

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The Civil Rights Movement was around the mid-1950’s to the late 1960’s, this was the African Americans’ fight against inequality to gain the natural born civil rights that they deserved.Black revolution is simply when African Americans rise above and fight against their oppressors. There are many points of ‘Black Revolution’ in history and present times. The Civil Rights was quite frankly the breaking point of black revolution, it is a very important part of history and a inspiration to many.

The colonial period refers to when the United States of America or any other country were under colonial power or ruling. The colonial period in the United States of America lasted from about the year 1462 to 1763. The Europeans went to North America to gain more wealth around the year 1480, thought they were not the first people there. The first colony was established in 1607, this event occurred in Jamestown, Virginia. North America was now deemed the ‘New World’. During this time, the colonists made North America their new home. The colonial period was the beginning of what was to become to the United States that we know today.

The 20th Century Civil Rights Movement is without a doubt one of the most historically acclaimed and inspirational movements known. The Civil Rights Movement was also the largest movement of the 20th century. Many goals were achieved during this time through nonviolent protests , negotiating legal means, and involving the community in all of this. The civil rights sparked in the South due to its extreme racism. Racial inequality in education, economic opportunity, and in the legal and political areas were quite apparent and disrespectful. Jim Crow Laws were one of the main things African American civil rights activists fought against. Jim Crow Laws were segregation laws that negatively impacted the black community. The Brown decision was a monumental time during the Civil Rights Movement, the Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas banned racial segregation in public schools. The Black Power Movement stems from the Civil rights Movement and continues today. There were many highs and lows of the Civil Rights Movement, but the African American community had multiple victories and continue to do so in society today.

Society today is still filled with racial injustice, although there has been quite a bit of progress made, there is still much more work to do. Innocent members of the black community die every single day at the hands of those who racially profile and judge them. There are numerous situations where justice has not been given to those who suffered these tragic deaths. Knowing this, has caused some sort of a divide between races, people are afraid to leave their homes and do everyday things with the worry of not being able to return home. The Civil Rights Movement is still thriving in a new way in the 21st century, there have been some violent protests, nonviolent ones but the black community is still fighting for the same thing our ancestors were fighting for: equality. We will continue to make our voices be heard, until we reach our goal.

In conclusion, the Civil Rights Movement has helped us to reach the progress we have already made as a people. There are many actions that can be taken to ensure a better future for the new generations that are to come. We want a better future for our society as whole, we was equality for all races. We want a positive future for the culture. Voting is extremely important in letting your voice be heard, our people fought hard to help us gain that right so we must exercise it. When we protest, we must protest in a way where they will want to listen. Showing them that were are a strong people, and educated and well versed in what we want. The Civil Rights was quite frankly the breaking point of black revolution, it is a very important part of history and a inspiration to many.

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