Identify the Critical Issue (s) in the Case

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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 To work as a team or to use an assembly line I agree with the option to run the production company with a teamwork model. The pros seem to outweigh the cons. What kinds of people should you hire for teamwork? Hardworking, dependable, and manageable workers.

Hardworking because it is hard work, dependable because, in a team, a missing piece is important, and manageable because they need to be able to take criticism and fix any issues you may find in their production or quality.

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What kinds of skills and experience will they need to succeed in a team environment? They should have either education or experience related to the production of aircraft.

They should have great teamwork skills, communication skills, and be coachable and hardworking. I also don’t want to count anyone out because they have education and no experience because new graduates mostly feel they have something to prove and will be excellent workers. If you decide to take the plunge and use teams, how much authority and responsibility should you give them? I would limit them to advising management because if I allow them more authority such as over costs, there would be room for cutting corners and making mistakes.

While you’re considering using teams on the assembly line, are there other places in which you might use teams? I think teams are ideal in areas such as marketing and advertising and even financing and accounting where you need a separation of duties to control the possibilities of corruption. The only area I may second guess teamwork would be assembly and production. Implementing teams First I would need to introduce employees and observe and see who would make fitting teams.

Then I would show them the ropes, after training, the teams would be assigned workspace and come up with their own system that they would all be comfortable and productive with. They would be paired with employees with the same desired work schedules and could come in later if fitting. Specific training If my experience allows, I would personally oversee training, and given that the employees have the right education and experience and have been paired with complimenting teammates, they should be an easy bunch to train.

Determine what are concepts, principles or theories could help to address the critical issues. Highlight key information or limitations mentioned in the case Limitations would include the amount of educated and experienced workers in this field would be available in this area. Also, unwilling employees or ill working teams may force an assembly line to be a better option but by the time I am aware of that, I would have invested in a setup for teamwork. Develop possible solutions to the case’s issue(s).

The choices are assembly line or teamwork. Teamwork is the best choice for a few reasons. First, customer and employee satisfaction, as well as costs and efficiency. There is also a possibility of eventually doing airplane-specific modifications which would be easier to implement with a team-based production model. The hiring and training would be very specific and costly but will balance out with regard to the costs saved by using the team model as well.

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