Greek Women to Modern Day Women

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Updated: Nov 30, 2021
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Greek Women to Modern Day Women essay

The connection I have made throughout these past weeks was how Greek women were portrayed in mythology in comparison to how they were truly treated and how that ties into how modern-day women are currently treated in society. This topic stood out to me because this ongoing subject matter is still an issue, today. Generally, women in modern society hold a position equivalent to men; in any case, this has not generally been the situation. Women’s victory for political and social opportunity is a fight that has continued for a considerable length of time, starting with Ancient Greece.

Maybe the limit in women’s freedom was the Women’s Movement of the 1900s, which empowered women all over America to participate in the battle for their entitlement to cast a ballot. Due to this battle for equity, women have the right to vote, receive equality in the working environment, occupy political positions, and play pro athletics, and in addition, a wide cluster of different benefits appreciated by men. Shockingly, these social liberties have not been made accessible to women around the world.

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In a few societies, particularly those of the Middle East, women have received limited rights since the social orders of the past. A relatively inverse impact in Greece can be found in its history in which women in their nation went from being perceived as equivalents or more, to turning into significantly weaker sex. This unconventional progress for Greek women is obvious through the philosophy, arts, and mythology of a significantly more established Greece. The powerful position of women depicted in Ancient Greek mythology and work of art is quite different to the more subservient job of women amid Greece’s classical time.

The battle that women have needed to look for regular rights that are appreciated by women today is staggering. Women are thankful to those that have battled for social equality with the goal that uniformity can be valued by everybody. Sadly, there are numerous nations that experience the absence in freedom. The change that Greece experienced in its disposition toward women is very different than some other societies, in which women typically obtain rights rather than having them taken away. The women of Ancient Greece depicted in the arts, philosophy, and mythology is someone who is full of intensity and effortlessness, while women pictured in Classical Greece are fragile and unquestionably obey others.

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