Recommendations for Healthy Child Development

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Prenatal Development: Itis advisable for a pregnant woman to avoid teratogens such as drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking cigarettes. Teratogens are agents such as chemicals and viruses that can reach the fetus during prenatal development and cause harm. Consumption of alcohol by the mother during pregnancy can prime the offspring to be psychologically attracted towards alcohol and may put them in heavy drinking and alcohol use disorders during their teenage. Moreover, it also contributes towards the risk of low body weight, birth defects, hyperactivity, lower intelligence to the offspring. The effects can also be seen through fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) which results in prolonged physical and mental defects.

Smoking at the time of pregnancy leads to epigenetic scars that weaken the ability of the offspring to handle stress. Therefore, I recommend that pregnant mothers to avoid consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes for better prenatal development of their offspring.

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 Infancy/childhood development: For better growth and development of a child during his/her childhood, I would highly recommend parents to adopt the authoritative parenting style. Authoritative parenting is a style which is child-centered, in that parents closely interact with their children, while maintaining high expectations for conduct and accomplishments, as well as firm belief in open discussions and exceptions.

This is beneficial because research says that children with warm, concerned authoritative parents usually tend to attain high self-esteem, self-reliance and social competence. Moreover, authoritative parenting makes children self-disciplined, assertive as well as socially responsible. Children are open to communicate with their parents who adopt authoritative parenting and are cooperative. They also become academically sound and show psychosocial development with very few behavioral problems. Therefore, I believe that authoritative parenting is one of the effective way for better growth of children.

Adolescence Development: I would highly advise parents to help their adolescent kid to avoid forging (imitate) identity. Self-Identity is defined as the qualities, beliefs, personality and expressions that makes a person. During adolescence, teenagers adopt different identities according to different situations they are in and different people they are interacting with. They try to imitate others in order to fit in the box. By doing so, they get confused about who they are and what they want to be. Self-Identity is benefial because it helps teenagers in learning their purpose in life, resilience, how to solve their own problems and ability to express what they like or dislike. This builds a great sense of self and more confident person for the future. Parents can contribute in this identification by trying to be their role models, respect their decisions, provide moral support and allowing them to experiment with new things in order to find their own self.

Adulthood Development: For better development during the adulthood stage of a human’s life, I recommend the adults to perform regular exercise. Exercise is beneficial for this stage because it helps to prevent aging by many factors such as it helps to control obesity, prevent heart diseases, enhance muscles and bones. Furthermore, it also aids memory by enhancing the development of nervous system and promoting neurogenesis (formation of new hippocampus nerve cells). Aerobic Exercise helps to improve the memory of an individual and making better judgements. It also reduces the risk of significant cognitive impairments. Therefore, Daily exercise is a must for better growth during adulthood and leading a healthy senescence!!           

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