How Fetal Tissue has been Used for the Development of Vaccines such as Polio

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Updated: Mar 27, 2023
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Surgeons and scientists have been working together to help figure out cures to help people that are suffering from daily medical problems and diseases. They are to believe that fetal tissue transplant from elective abortions could be a cure for those, and it has caused some uproars in the political world and plenty of questions.

Before they could get started, the government had to make some ground rules for this experiment. Here are some: they couldn’t experiment on live fetuses unless the outcome of the research was to help the fetus in time and wouldn’t cause much risk.

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There are some rules and regulations that differ in each state, but most of the states have agreed that there was nothing could be nothing done to the fetus after the second trimester, which is when you can start feeling the baby move. The decision to abort the embryo must have the consent of the mother and the significant other if they are present. If they do go ahead with the abortion, there is a law called Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, which applies to most states that they must donate the tissue, just as the organs do so.

Some people are against elective abortions for this experiment, and they have good reasons. A fetus has a heartbeat around six weeks, and you can hear the heartbeat usually around eight weeks and is claimed as a human being. Many claims that abortions are selfish and immature, which I agree with. Unless it is under a different circumstance, which I could understand, then to come people, a fetus is not considered a human being until it is outside the human body; everybody has their own opinions, and it will always be an argument that you can’t win.

One of the main concerns is: Why do they prefer elective abortions over spontaneous abortions? It is shown they’ve compared that miscarriages can also restore health and even extend life for many people with different circumstances. However, they would rather not use tissue from a spontaneous abortion because there is a small percentage of tissue from the fetus that is useful for the transplantation because there is often a major chromosomal or another fatal defect. Researchers are prohibited from using the tissue because they cannot determine the defect. However, they are able to use the placenta and sac as alternates. As where the abortion process has much more fetal tissue and isn’t known to have any defects.

Another question is: How can the tissue help cure people that are suffering from health problems? It is known that Parkinson’s disease is characterized by the loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra, which plays an important role in the movement. With the fetuses’ tissue, they transplant the tissue from the brain into the patient’s brain, and then, over the next couple of weeks, the secretion of dopamine happens, which is the same procedure they do with Huntington’s disease. Research shows that people with diabetes can also benefit from transplants. In this process, they transfer the islet cells into a person that is diabetic; the cells then react to the glucose level by releasing insulin when the blood sugar gets above average. Also, fetal tissue has been used since the 1900s to use for the development of vaccines such as Polio, Chicken Pox, Shingles, Rubella, and many others. The Polio vaccine was one of the earliest where use kidney cells, which has saved hundreds of thousands of lives a year.

It is very important that during the fetal transportation process, they are very careful and safe during the experiment because any type of tissue cannot be repaired if it is damaged.

There isn’t a way to keep abortion and tissue donation separate with today’s technology and the possibility of curing most of life’s health problems and diseases. It’s been ongoing for decades now; it’s just now out and about in the public’s eyes.

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