How does a Roller Coaster Work

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Updated: May 08, 2023
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How it works

So as you already saw in the title this is going to be about roller coasters.If you are interested,on knowing more about roller coasters keep reading. Maybe this is your favorite ride so i think you should stay. Also if you like science or history.If so come and join me,into the world of EXPLORING WITH VILMA.

Now lets see for those who don’t know what a roller coaster is,ask yourself this question what is a roller coaster?and I want you to think of it ok.

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Now I will tell you a roller coaster is a type of ride or machine that lets you have fun. (PS.if you like heights its just perfect for you.) So if you want to have some interesting facts keep reading.

Perfect know that you know that dont you want to know in what century were roller coasters more popular? (PS.if you like history this is one of your paragraphs.) Supposedly they were more popular in the 19th to 20th century,and if i’m wrong please correct me.Back then they were made of ice and when the bad weather hit it,it would melt or get destroyed,but then they made them out of wax. Until one day they discovered wood yeah!! FINALLY. Now they are WAY safer than before now they make them like of metal of something.

So finally that finished know let’s skip to which country added wheels to their track first? Supposedly it was the britain country,but here is the catch i found out that Dmitry zagryadskiy invented a carriage with mobile tracks. Im going to guess that he has something to do with the wheels on the track. Im not too sure if that’s right but yeah.

How does kinetic energy and potential energy cause a roller coaster to work? Well for potential is when the roller coaster is at the top having the potential to fall. Kinetic is when it’s falling into motion from the top. So obviously they both have their high points and low ones. Let’s start with potential,so its highest points are the higher it gets, and lowest is when it’s in the shortest hill in the track. Kinetics is when is falling from a very high hill well the highest ,and lowest is when its stopped with no motion.

How does the force of gravity affect your body when you are riding a roller coaster? Well this force (for it to be more simple just call it acceleration force) Feels exactly the same tickles. What is gravity? The force that pulls you towards the earth,measured in G-Forces.P.S force is measured in Newtons.

So technically a roller coaster is a moving machine of heights and lets you have fun. Not only that but it was more popular in the 19th to 20th century. Supposedly the first country to to ever put wheels on their track was Britain. Probably Dmytry Zagryadskiy had something to do with it. Kinetic and Potential energy have a lot to do with a roller coaster. Gravity affect your body by giving you tickles just like acceleration. 

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