Homeostasis Important

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Homeostasis is the relative consistency of the body’s internal environment. Maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival. What this means is if the body isn’t in a good level of homeostasis then problems or issues occur within the body. Body conditions that must remain within a stable range include body temperatures, blood pressure, and the concentration of various chemicals within the blood.

The main endocrine organ that is associated with diabetes mellitus is the pancreas.

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The pancreas produces the hormones insulin and glucagon. The function of insulin is to lower blood glucose levels. The function of glucagon is to increase blood glucose levels. The two things that happen to stimulate the pancreas to release insulin and glucagon is basically they act as an antagonist. Which means insulin and glucagon create opposite effects to each other. This concept of two hormones working as antagonists to each other along with negative feedback is common in the body and is important in maintaining homeostasis.

Physiologic abnormalities in people with diabetes mellitus can include but not limited to are personal loss, grief, anxiety, depression and guilt. When the body is experiencing these physiological abnormalities, stress comes in to the picture. As we, all know any amount of stress is not a good thing. So add that stress on top of diabetes, you have a mixture of problems in itself. The heart starts to increase, breathing changes and grows rapid, and blood pressure along with glucose starts to increase. Now the body is overwhelmed.

Some complications that can occur for diabetics when normal homeostasis is not maintained polydipsia (excessive thirst), fatigue, weight loss, or obesity and in some extreme cases amputation of the extremities. The immune system is experiencing numerous amounts of functions that it has to keep under control for things not to go haywire. The individual is compromised on different levels this leads to more infections and possibly other illnesses.

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