Gratitude has the Power to Change the Course of a Person Life

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Updated: May 08, 2023
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In the movie Office Space, the paradoxical twist is on the human experience of the work environment. Office Space movie made by Mike Judge, is a comical take on the hazards of contemporary office life. It illustrates a representation of normal work in the eyes of its disenthralled workers. It is a humorous illustration of how coworkers communicate with each other and how they handle stressful work-related circumstances that we can all understand. The film takes all of the mysterious, wrong, humorous things that occur in an occupation, especially a software business, and combines them all together.

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Employees have specific preferences with regard to psychological tests, such as the freedom to understand the meaning of the tests and the results. Psychological tests may assess an employee’s general aptitude, intelligence, and personality.

Strong leadership is a big responsibility that requires earning the trust and respect of your team. Something that really resonated with me was the highlight of passive-aggressive management. Watching the movie made me realize that Passive-aggressive communication is easily confusing and never approved and something managers and companies should be cognizant of. In the movie, Peter’s girlfriend Joanna experiences passive-aggressive communication with her boss at her place of employment. The manager at the restaurant expected his staff to express themselves by painting their clothes with personalized emblems and symbols, and buttons that he calls flair. Instead of him telling her he wanted 30 or more pieces of flair on her outfit, he repetitively comes to her to discursively whine that she seems to be doing only the bare minimum.

Employee Selection Principles and Techniques are important because the selection process is important because of the production and performance value companies get by making good hires and the high costs of replacing employees following bad hires. Improper matching of the person and the job, of the person’s skills and characteristics with the job demands and requirements, leads to dissatisfaction and poor performance in the work situation. Essentially, the goal of employee selection is to hire the applicant who is the qualified desirable counterpart for the job responsibilities and the history and culture of the business.

Employees and managers address decision-making in various different ways. Decision-making is the determination of a policy or procedure to contemplate options and find a resolution to a problem. In addition, certain circumstances will require alternative approaches to decision-making in order to be effective. The process of analytical decision-making involves problem classification, establishing & counting decision criteria, generation & evaluation of alternatives, selection of the best alternative, and decision implementation & evaluation.

Private and public sector organizations often conduct psychological tests for candidates. Personality and Psychological tests include questionnaires, which are structured interrogations on different mental perspectives that employees acknowledge on their own, and self-monitoring, in which employees keep track of their projects in specific categories. Intelligence tests appraise an employee’s verbal and nonverbal skills and problem-solving abilities.

I’m an introvert, specifically an INFP personality type. I noticed that being an INFP personality type has its pros and cons. One of the weaknesses that I have at work is my social anxiety. I work at a bank, so I deal with hundreds of people on a daily basis. As an INFP personality type, quite honestly, it’s uncomfortable. I do it, and I perform well in my job, but I don’t like it. I do a great job hiding the hesitation, but it’s still here. I have to try really hard to appear extroverted because I’m a manager. I love my job, but I prefer to have a corner office meeting with clients one on one. I don’t particularly like facilitating meetings or dealing with the public.

One of the pros that I’ve realized is that I’m able to make a connection very well. INFPs are great listeners and everyone likes to be listed every once in and while. With my staff, we have something called One on One, where we discuss several topics in a more intimate setting. We can cover policies and procedures as well as family and what we do for fun. The way I see it is when you are an introvert, You spend more time listening instead of doing all of the talking. We catch things others may miss because they are constantly driving the conversations. This element of introversion may be an extreme case, but I can see how it’s admirable nonetheless.

Reading about my personality type lets me know a few things about INFPs and being an introverted person. One portion of the website really stuck out to me, and that was the INFP Career Choices portion. It is important to regard that any personality type can be successful in any occupation. But, some professions are well accommodated to the natural abilities and preferred work style of the INFP, while other occupations require methods of reasoning and behavior that do not come as naturally to this type. Long-term, I plan on eventually changing careers to fit my personality.

One of the jobs that are a great fit for my personality type is a Human Resource Specialist. Human resources specialists recruit, screen, interview, and place workers. I would love to work as an HR Manager or a Recruiter. I looked into the least popular careers for my personality type. One of them was a Financial Manager. That’s what I do.

Employees should be kept in the loop, especially regarding their performance and the company itself. Have a weekly meeting where each department gives updates, so everyone is on the same page at all times. I understand that Companies use performance appraisals to evaluate and assess the performance of individual employees on the job. Performance appraisals are typically used to explore each employee’s job growth and to set goals and benchmarks to strive for during the next appraisal period. Understanding the benefits of performance appraisals can help managers and supervisors make the best use of them.

Employee performance appraisal is a process for building a shared workforce understanding of what is to be achieved at an industry level. It is about aligning the organizational objectives with the employees’ agreed measures, abilities, competency requirements, development plans, and the delivery of results. Managers must have the heart to speak up and inform the staff what the expectations are. The point of a manager is to tell an employee what you require from them. A good manager should be direct instead of dumping suggestions and wishing the employee will ultimately figure it all out. The problem with the culture at Initech is that the workers believe the organization is the opponent. Managers in businesses can formulate a culture of achievement by first looking at look at their behaviors and managing styles.

To me, an effective reward system is a remarkably critical viewpoint of an organization’s purpose. Without an effective reward system, there would be an empty organization. Another benefit of an effective reward system is its ability to motivate employees to go above and beyond what they are asked of. An effective reward system follows the structure of the organization and gives the necessary motivation for the organization’s goal-setting. It also needs to be consistent; you should not reward one individual for one thing and leave another worker who did the same thing unrewarded.

I have taken on more tasks, projects, and other assignments; for instance, I have been expanding my skills, training new employees, and I create new challenges for myself. I look around the office to see what new project I can take on and start doing it myself. I asked my supervisor’s permission. I choose to learn from my own mistakes as well as others, and it’s a growing process. When I have a setback, I look at it as a setup for a comeback and try to do extremely better. I am a self-motivator and can work independently as well as a team member. I take the initiative and am not afraid to take on leadership roles as well as delegate work. I love to learn and strive to do so each day.

I want to expand my intellectual, professional, and personal horizons. I strive for professional growth and advancement. I am very grateful for my job as it does allow me some financial flexibility and security. I am passionate about what I do; all the people I help, from staff, faculty, and students to the public. I go above and beyond for others at work and for my job, going out of my way to do more than what is asked and or required of me. I do so much for my job without asking for compensation or expectations, and I was thinking, “man, I do more for my job than it does for me!” after that thought, I remembered JFK’s quote.

Ron Livingston plays Peter Gibbons, a disappointed and grumpy computer programmer at a software company called Initech. Just like so many people we all know, he hates his job because he strongly dislikes his supervisor. Every single day he goes into the department and watches the clock while preparing what he views as useless and irrelevant reports for several different managers.

Good to Good to Great follows the patterns of success that propel companies into greatness versus the behaviors of organizations that plateau. Among the characteristics of successful companies are strong leadership, great employees, and, most importantly, a healthy, disciplined culture. If there is a company that fits the mold’ of Good to Great, it’s Amazon! There was a new report that came on that described Amazon as being an Advertising Giant. According to, ‘Amazon has leveraged Prime data to build a multibillion-dollar online ad business that is growing quickly. Amazon is expected to surpass Facebook when it comes to advertisements.

According to Collins, a great company is one that was able to experience 15-year aggregate stock returns at or below the general market, then transitioned to experience combined returns that were at least three times the market within the next 15 years. While a number of companies have been able to manage this feat, only the Good-to-Great companies, such as JP Morgan Chase, WalMart, and Wells Fargo, have been able to maintain the success.

One of the author Collins’ business explanations I wholeheartedly agree with is ‘You must get the right people on board.’ You shouldn’t try to go anywhere if you don’t have the right people on board. I’m experiencing this now at my job. If everyone is not committed, it slows down progress and ultimately affects everyone’s productivity. According to Collins, the “who” decisions must come before the “what” decisions – even before you can develop visions, strategies, and organizational structure. In other words, “who” should be first and foremost because even if you’re moving in the right direction, you still need the right people on board.

Motivation, Job Satisfaction, and Job Involvement

What motivates me and gives me job satisfaction is gratitude. Gratitude is one of the aspects the Mayo Clinic touched on. Being grateful might be one of the most important questions of all time.

Gratitude has the power to change the course of a person’s life. Oprah Winfrey said, “When you are thankful for what you have, you’ll end up with more.” Expressing gratitude is something that I implemented in several areas of my life. Work, Home School, and Church are just a few places I selected, and I share my gratitude. I think people should be even thankful before having what they want because by feeling gratitude for what they don’t have yet, you show fullness and you attract more of that energy. I currently work in Operations. The other part of my job is sales. I’ve made sales, and when I’m focused, I’m great at it. My challenge is motivating my staff to sell. Just because I have and display a positive attitude doesn’t mean other people will. I’m the type of personality to get my work done in a timely and organized fashion. However, motivating others to do their job is hard for me, especially for the younger generation.

However, I’m satisfied at work because I’m productive and I’m providing a service. I am always willing to go the extra mile for my staff and customers. I love to see growth in my team’s performance. Yes, my work is challenging. But I am gainfully employed, earning a fair salary. So, I am grateful. I stay motivated because there is always something to learn. I strive for perfection, so there is always room for me to move closer and closer toward perfection. I know I’m expected to do well, and that is exactly what I attempt to do on a daily basis.

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