Globalization and Automation

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Globalization and Automation are referred to as two megatrends which are influencing the workers’ job in industrialized countries. Both types of workers such as blue collar and white collar workers are influenced by it, however, the impact on white collar workers is higher as millions of laborers are being migrated from one country to other for getting jobs. The migration of workers has assisted the countries to eliminate the poverty in developing countries. The globalization and automation also assisted in bringing sustainability across the globe.

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The countries have determined the importance of globalization and automation and therefore signed different treaties for sustainability and protection of their own regions. It would not be wrong to say that these two megatrends have influenced the different treaties of sustainable developments. This essay is covering the impact on globalization and automation on climate change treaties, the international framework for a sustainable environment, the attitude of countries towards refugees and immigrants & geopolitical conflicts.

Impact of globalization and Automation on workers

The globalization has influenced the economies of various countries as it has contributed towards the initiation of international businesses. There are many countries which have expanded their production processes across the nations which are increasing the opportunities of employment for white collar and blue collars workers. These workers are migrating from one country to avail the opportunities of jobs. The availability of jobs has increased the living standard of these workers as their income is increased to a greater extent. According to the report presented by International Monetary Fund (1996), the globalization has increased the income level and improved the living standards due to increasing opportunities for employment all over the world. (Danev, 2017). PWC has also presented their report by analyzing the 200,000 jobs of 29 countries to know the impact of automation on the workers and declared that the automation brings a variety of benefits for the workers such as ease of job, assistance in work and many others. According to estimation, up to 25% of the jobs are being automated in Asian countries. Where the automation and globalization are bringing benefits for workers at the same time these two megatrends are bringing challenges for them. (PWC, 2017)

Globalization and automation impact on;

The globalization is impacting countries in a variety of ways such as the impact on the environment, impact on sustainability and others. The followings are the different impacts of globalization and automation on the countries in a variety of ways which are explained in detail.

Global treaties on Climate change

The globalization has influenced the consumption of goods to a greater extent as the demand for a variety of products is increased which is increasing the stress on the environment. The higher demand for the products triggers production in factories which put pressure on the environment as the waste and other pollutants produced in the production process are expelled out in the environment. The polluted water, the emission from the different cars, collapsing fisheries and other threats to the environment of countries are the major influences of the globalization on the environment. To offset the impact on the environment, there are different NGOs, and environmental protection agencies are playing a role to recognize the impact of these challenges and develop the treaties across the nations to prevent the side effects of nations. The US Canada Air quality agreement is an example of the treaty which is made among countries to offset the hazardous impact on globalization on the environment. The nuclear test ban treaty is another example of environmental protection treating which is signed to prevent the explosion testing in all environments. (Kimball, 2017)

International Framework on Sustainable Development

The two mega trends influence the international framework on global sustainability to a greater extent. The United Nations have developed different goals for sustainable development which includes no hunger, no poverty, quality education, gender equality, good health, clean water, and better sanitary conditions. There are many other goals too which are set by UN, and these megatrends are assisting the countries to achieve these goals. The globalization has decreased the barriers to trade and automation also assisted many workers to get their desires jobs very easily. The higher employment opportunities have improved the availability of employment which is leading towards sustainable development. The employment opportunities improved the living conditions and different treaties among the countries, with respect to the environment, also provides entire environmental protection which led towards clean air and water. (United Nations Org., 2018)

Nationalism and protectionism sentiments

The nationalism is the term which is used for the devotion and loyalty of the individuals towards the culture, and the values of the nation and the globalization and automation have impacted the nationalism to a greater extent. The world has become integrated with each other and distance among different cultures is also overcome by the time. Due to globalization, the national identity of the countries is decreasing, and the world has become a global village which has almost no boundaries for the citizens of other countries. On the other hand, the protectionism is also influenced by it to a greater extent as the barriers of entry to the other countries are decreased, and access is granted by the majority of countries. The protection is impacted adversely with respect to environment, security and many others. (Erwin, 2017)

Countries’ attitude towards immigrants and Refugees

According to International Social Survey Program (ISSP) has presented a report which has analyzed the impact of globalization on 31 countries and declared that there is no relationship exists in the globalization and hate and prejudice against citizens of other countries. Empirical studies are also conducted which have disclosed that the globalization and automation have impacted the behavior of the people towards immigrants and refugees. It has become a common practice of the people to meet with the foreign people in the home country. Therefore they have started to accept them. (M. Butkus, 2018)

The potential for geopolitical conflict

The globalization and automation have also impacted the geopolitical conflicts positively as it has provided the route to resolve the issues with respect to the economy, politics, and geography. The foreign policies are developed to stimulate the relationship with other countries which minimizes the negative impacts of the other countries on the state. Due to the megatrends, the countries have started to develop positive relationships among countries. (Anderson, 1994)


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