Gandhi: One of the Strongest Politicians Known

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Who is the man that saved India from British rule¹3, influenced MLK², and who still today causes a difference in people? Gandhi is that man, and he was a hero. To be a hero, you need to be wise, courageous, and compassionate. Gandhi is a great hero, and always will be.

Gandhi’s amazingly strong universal love brought a lot of the world together². Gandhi fasted for 21 days simply to get people to stop fighting over the cost in a store, and also fasted many other times for varying amounts of time for things from breaking a small law, like a salt law, to changing the hierarchy¹²3.

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It showed that he cared about them so much that he practically sacrificed himself to see change3. He encouraged millions of people globally to practice his teaching of eternal love¹²3. Him sacrificing himself gave everyone courage, and then people followed suit, giving more people courage, and so on. For example, MLK has admitted that he looked to Gandhi as his idol². And with compassion, or at least for Gandhi, comes courage.

Gandhi was a courageous, passionate leader. Gandhi grabbed one small piece of salt to break the law, and rallied millions to do the same¹²3. The salt law is a law that forbids people from collecting salt, and forcing them to pay for it¹. Then later he started a peaceful protest at the salt factories in india and got arrested¹3. That Gandhi never gave up is (partly) what encouraged MLK to be so peaceful, and this provided a backbone for many other American Civil Rights Movements people². In breaking the salt law, millions of Indians did it too and that scared the British off them¹. Gandhi facing the law despite what happens gave courage to others and showed how fearless he was¹3. And he put that to good use with his wisdom.

Gandhi is wise. Gandhi was able to get practically all of India with him, as well as people across the world, and was able to focus all of their power into removing British rule¹. People feel the same “exhilarating” feelings of rebellion without the feelings of guilt from hurting people that they got from gandhi also in people like MLK. People always loved the feeling of joining protests, kind of like the ‘feeling of freedom’. People felt that with Gandhi, and Gandhi influenced MLK, which led to people feeling that with MLK². It made people remember Gandhi, and then they wanted to honor him, so they tried more to protest, and so on3. And that is why Gandhi is compassionate, courageous, and wise.

To conclude, Gandhi is a wise and courageous leader whose compassion got india out of british rule¹. And he’s not the only one to have done that, and he won’t be the last. You can change the world too. For example, try mass persuading people to eliminate pollution in the ocean.


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