FedEx Corporation History and Facts

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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FedEx corporation was incorporated October 2, 1947. It’s headquartered is in Memphis Tennessee. FedEx provides a portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business service throughout the world. And the companies in which are competing collectively, operating independently and are managed collaboratively under the FedEx brand. The company segments include FedEx Express, TNT Express, FedEx ground, FedEx freight and FedEx services. This strategic segment gives the company a competitive advantage against other companies such as DHL, UPS an USPS.

FedEx is among the leading logistics transportation companies in the world.

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For it to be successful the company focuses on value star. FedEx has done pretty well in covering both the rational and emotional side of the value star in its business. They also believe that customers evaluate the company through the value star. I will use the value star framework below to show how FedEx have met these values from a customer’s perspective.

FedEx has the best services compared to their fellow competitors. This are among the ways in which they have;
• Selection; FedEx has wide varieties of shipping, delivery and logistics services to choose from. Either you’re looking for air, ground etc.
• Innovation; FedEx innovation have reached par compared to their competitors. Their recent innovations include vehicle autonomy, robots, new feeder aircrafts, blockchain and design thinking. They make it easy for the company to connect with the customers so easily given the technology they have.
• Style; FedEx has a portfolio of solutions where you can choose whichever network of service you want. They all work different depending on what you wish to use in your company.

FedEx have different strategic advantages against other companies in the following ways;
• Price perceptions; FedEx offer different shipping rates depending on the location, the delivery dates/ times customers want to receive their packages. The pricing depends on the weight, size and the value. The
• Promotions; during the span of time/months FedEx gives out coupons, offers and deals to their customers. These deals are available online or are mailed to you if you’re a registered customer.

They are committed to connecting the world in a fast and efficient way to benefit both parties. These resourceful and responsible ways include:
• Ease of use; FedEx website is very customer friendly, easy to access and straight forward. Customer can access it anywhere at any time.
• Effort; customers do not need to put so much effort to finding or accessing their services. Since you can print straight from your home and get it sent in no time. You also are able to track your package and know when you’re expected to receive it.
• Time; FedEx are known for their overnight shipping and really fast delivery. Customers commonly use their services knowing they will receive their items in a short amount of time.

FedEx has a very strong strategic advantage against their competitors
• Environment; FedEx believes that the success of their business and the future of their environment are connected through the earth smart. Which enables them to invest in new solutions and advocate for change of improving their company and the environmental performance.
• Loyalty programs; FedEx launched a loyalty program in which small business can earn rewards for printing, shipping and business services through my FedEx rewards. Participants can also receive rewards through their eligible purchases and shipments through FedEx express, ground and freight. They also can redeem their offers to select items from an attractive selection of brand name, merchandise and gift cards.

FedEx believe their team and customers are the best in the business and therefore they make sure they are meeting the values of their customers.
• Brand image; FedEx brand is a set of attributes, values and the art of work which reflects the spirit of their company.
• Emotional appeal; marketing strategy is one of FedEx core businesses. They belief in making experiences that will make their customers unique and feel appreciated, well-respected and catered for.
• Brand preference; people prefer using FedEx to ship stuff because of its overnight expedited shipping and the ability to know when, where and what time to receive their item by tracking it.

In conclusion FedEx have built their trust with their customers by are working towards their needs in every industry developing strategies that deliver results. Their emotional branding is all about the powerful feeling of frustration. Which has taken modern transportation into a new level by enabling a system that is efficient for overnight express services and being the fast to pioneer tracking and tracing capabilities, so customers would know where their shipments are and what time they’ll receive. It has built a portfolio of innovating solutions that connect customers across the world.

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