Failure is not an Attribute of “Losers”, it is a Step in Life Course

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“Failure is not a state, not a status, not an attribute proper to some, “”losers””, it is a possible step in any life course, and in an entrepreneur’s life failure is naturally linked to risk taking. Not all entrepreneurs have the same relationship to their company, however all have a relationship to success and failure. Losing the business that one has created is first a personal injury, narcissistic, intimate, it is often a traumatic event on many levels.

In a company, there is always an individual with a certain entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial spirit. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, has this ability to take risks to commit capital into an adventure of bringing something new, creative, by employing and combining the most efficient way possible of various resources. This entrepreneurial logic of Steve Jobs fully shapes Apple since its departure in 1985 leads the company to its dark years, without innovation, in a market increasingly demanding and facing the rise of Microsoft. His return in 1997 will mark the renewal of the company.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Apple has developed different skills in several sectors. Based on its original expertise in computers, Apple launched in 1997 the iMac, an ergonomic product, at the forefront of technology and to accommodate the latest video games. He later developed a skill in digital music player with the iPod, which he then expanded to mobile phone (iPhone) and tablets with the iPad.

The core competency acquired by Apple is a technological mastery unique in the digital music player, with the iPod, and the mobile phone, with the iPhone. These products are unique, with a modern look, with pioneering touch screens and an innovative and powerful service thanks to the iTunes software and the App Store. It allows the company to benefit from an undeniable competitive advantage in this sector. There is the before and the after iPhone. Its core competence also lies in the development of a unique cross-functional skill with iPhone application developers.

The first entrepreneurial opportunity for Apple automaker the truth is we do not know yet what the Apple will look like, but we already know what the ambitions of Apple are, a future likely automaker. The car project that Apple would not build, but would design entirely, subcontracting manufacturing to several OEMs or even a major brand, is called Titan. But for all that, it’s just a prototype name, not the definitive name of the vehicle. According to several well-informed sources in the world of the long-time computer manufacturer, business plans have set the goal of building (and selling) 500,000 vehicles in the first year, or at least the first 12 months. The car could be launched by 2020. Launch of the Apple car before 2020, an astronomical figure as we know that Tesla, although launched for several years, sold in all and yet 50 000 cars in 2015. But to reach such a figure so quickly, Apple has unique strengths. First, it has sold more than one billion iPhones in the world, in less than nine years. So many potential customers, even if any owner of a smartphone is not a car client to blow on. Then, because Apple will probably not only sell cars to individuals or even companies, on the pretext that they are “”cool””, design, electric, reliable, innovative etc. No, Apple could very well be preparing a shock, by launching cars able to circulate in almost total autonomy, if not totally autonomous, ahead of all other manufacturers in this market.

Now the Apple because does not exist yet, except perhaps in the state of concept in computers, and perhaps in the state of model, somewhere locked in double tower. To produce 500,000 cars, it will take a big, a very big factory, or a vehicle capable of being produced in several different places, easily. That’s good: that’s exactly what Apple’s engineers would work on.

apple has come a long way since the launch of its Titan project in 2014. At that time, the Cupertino company dreamed of a driverless mobility solution with an apple crunched on the grille. Today, it has completely changed direction and focuses on the development of the software part rather than the design of a machine that would be manufactured in-house from A to Z. The latest news would be a partnership with Volkswagen for designing autonomous shuttles to transport Apple employees between two Silicon Valley campuses in the United States. Volkswagen would supply Transporter T6 vans as a kit (body, chassis, running gear and wheels) while Apple would take care of incorporating batteries, seats and dashboard into the cabin.

There is no reason to say that the apple brand will not have the opportunity to gain the confidence of manufacturers in a close future. It remains for Apple to develop an autonomous driving system effective and above all more attractive than those presented by the competition. The latter is fierce and is named mainly Tesla and Waymo (Google), two giants who have established themselves in a sector booming. It’s smart to be able to predict exactly when this technology will be viable for the public and which actors will be the strongest at that moment.

The second entrepreneurial opportunity for Apple is apple will produce its own TV series. This investment requires from APPLE to invest a billion dollars to produce its own TV series, such an investment would confirm the group’s ambitions in the streaming market and could be a step towards launching a competing service at Netflix.

Apple is about to move up a gear in the video. According to the Wall Street Journal, the apple group is ready to spend $ 1 billion over the next twelve months to produce its own series. Such an investment would confirm the Apple’s ambitions in the burgeoning streaming market and could also be a first step towards launching a competing service to Netflix.

According to the US financial newspaper, Apple initially aims to finance a dozen series of “”high quality””, which can compete with the productions of television channels or Netflix. Their cost is several million dollars per episode. The company has already begun discussions with Hollywood studios. She lured two Sony Pictures executives, which led to several successes

These new series should mark an acceleration in the strategy of creating original content. Since the beginning of the year, Apple has already produced two programs, “”Planet of the Apps”” and “”Carpool Karaoke””, which did not appeal to critics. Accessible only on Apple Music, they aim to enrich the paid offer of music listening that remains at a distance from that of Spotify, the Swedish leader in the sector.

The last entrepreneurial opportunity is Apple will invest in its datacenters in the United States, in my opinion I think this a good investment for the country since Apple is planning not only an investment of $ 10 billion in the expansion of its datacenters, but also the opening of many offices throughout the United States, including a campus in Austin where $ 1 billion will be spent. Apple will invest to open all these new offices, it will pay $ 1 billion just in the creation of a campus in Austin, Texas. These 54-hectare offices will initially employ 5,000 people but have a capacity of 15,000. Jobs created will include a wide range of functions, including engineering, R & D, operations, finance , sales and customer support. 6,200 people are already working for Apple in Austin, making it the largest population of employees of the company after Cupertino. Apple plans to invest no less than $ 10 billion over the next five years in its US datacenters. 4.5 billion this year and next. Its three centers in North Carolina, Arizona and Nevada are being expanded. The latest, in Iowa, under construction since 2017 in Waukee, the end of the work and the launch has been announced for 2020.


One of the major trends that will be affecting the smartphone market is Planned obsolescence which the set of techniques by which a marketer aims to deliberately reduce the life of a product to increase its replacement rate. Planned obsolescence feeds overconsumption and overproduction. It contributes to the increase of waste, the intensification of pollution as well as the increase of waste of raw materials and energy. This technique artificially feeds growth.

The many environmental and societal consequences In addition to economic and social impacts, planned obsolescence harms our environment. The depletion of our planet’s resources Demand for high-tech equipment continues to grow. It takes more than 70 components, some of which are made from rare metals and require a lot of energy, to build a smartphone.To produce quickly and at low cost, factories are often relocated to countries where working conditions are very difficult. Overconsumption accentuates conflicts between countries that hold increasingly popular materials. Scheduled obsolescence brings us into the disposable culture and generates frustration. But we can all act against that”

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