Apple, Inc. is an American Multinational Company

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Apple, Inc. is an American multinational company absorbed in the design, development and marketing of personal media devices, computers, and portable digital music players. The products they are infamous for are the Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Apple, Inc. is also reported to partake in the selling of software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content. These include the Mac OS X operating system; the iTunes media browser; the iLife suite; the iWork suite of productivity; Aperture; a photography package; Final Cut Studio; a plethora of audio and film industry software; and Logic studio; an audio tools software.

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Located in Cupertino, California- Apple employs over 123,000 people and has 504 retails stores in 24 countries as of 2018. In January 2018, it was reported that more than 1.3 billion Apple products were used worldwide. On November 1, 2018-Apple revealed their fiscal 2018 results for the financial fourth quarter which ended September 29th. They received a revenue of 62.9 billion, an upsurge of twenty percent from a year ago; their quarterly earnings per diluted share being $2.91-which is up forty one percent. International sales being sixty one percent of the quarter’s revenue. Services revenue grew from $7.9 billion in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2017 to $10 billion in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2018-an increase of twenty seven percent (Apple Newsroom, 2019).

What’s great about Apple Inc. is that with each product they introduce into the market; the device comes with its own software making them a leading innovator in mobile device technology to this day. Apple is also among the best in financial performance within the technology industry. Their strong marketing and advertising teams flawlessly capture the simplistic yet innovative designs rolling off their production line appealing to customer satisfaction over competitor insights and rollouts. It’s user friendly software makes navigating and utilizing their products seamless and efficient making it an easily recognizable global name. There lies much opportunity and advancement for Apple in the increasing demand for cloud based services in the next year or handful of years to be truthful.

Moving to their own cloud based service from a third-party supplier would be a colossal renovation that could be nearly undetected by its iOS users. The idea isn’t to change anything with Siri’s functions or the iTunes layout, but rather having things move with less anticipating and less interruption among its functionality with its users devices. Many of Apple’s strongest competitors- Dell, Microsoft, and Amazon- have long been introduced to cloud services and have that advantage possibly putting the company years behind innovation. Their competitors have had the opportunity to note any kinks that need to be addressed while Apple seems to have a long learning curve. But jumping in the ring with these major companies isn’t what Apple plans on doing, Apple has seen much advancement in their business infrastructure when they focus on improving what they already have rather than making and marketing new products. Instead of competing in the market, Apple would revamp their app bionetwork and produce more revenue in an incremental way (Digital Trends, 2019).

Other initiatives for the coming year(s) is rumored to be AR devices, apps and glasses which Apple believes may render the iPhone obsolete if produced and marketed successfully among its consumers. Augmented reality is on the rise and is becoming increasingly popular among consumers of the modern technological era. Instead of playing catchup with old methods and ideas, the company is delving into completely new groundbreaking technology that could push them into the next generation with much a head start.

With competitors such as Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, Samsung and others; the company is faced with major threats that can influence and possibly impact the initiative of the company. With its sleek and simplistic design, the company has seen many imitations being released at a much more reasonable price which can influence new or even existing consumers to make the switch for less pressure on the pockets. Low class people represent the greatest population among consumers and they stay out of the Apple market range which affects revenue and reputation. Apple’s dependency on Samsung’s application processors leave them at a disadvantage which is why Apple’s vision statement is clear, “to own and control the primary technologies behind the products that we make” (Tim Cook, 2019). Apple’s mission is to develop its own cloud based server to remove the dependency on outside sources thus regaining its footing in the competitive landscape ahead. They’re doing this by bringing their teams collectively under one roof so that project progress is continued and fluid.

The company is so secretive about their projects that only the members on the team communicate about project details and must remain silent to even those employees working within the company in a different sector. This intense form of internal communication ensures the project’s confidentiality and close knit group to brainstorm, create and test out the products that may be launched in the future to come.

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