Enbridge Company

Enbridge is a company that deals in delivery services of fossil fuel. The company has its headquarters situated at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The main focus of the company is in the generation, distribution and transportation, and of fossil fuel energy, particularly in Northern America.

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Being an energy transporter, the company mainly functions in Canada and the USA. It has been the longest crude oil transportation system for a long time, in the whole of North America. As the main fossil fuels distributor, it owns and manages the leading natural gas delivery network in Canada, providing its services in Quebec, Ontario, New York and other regions. The company, however, faces numerous challenges despite the substantial success that it has enjoyed over the years. The main challenge facing Enbridge is external opposition on its projects. One such project which faced very great opposition was the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project. This paper embarks on discussing the company profile and the challenges it has faced ever since. The information provided on the paper has been attained from credible sources, more so the company’s profile.

Identification of the challenge

The failing of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project, which is the main challenge on the discussion, was a scheme to construct a twin pipeline from Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, in British Columbia. The eastbound pipeline would serve the purpose of importing natural gas and the consecutive westbound pipeline would export diluted bitumen from the Athabasca oil sands all the way to the marine terminal located in Kitimat. The bitumen would then be transported to the Asian markets by use of tankers. The project also included terminal services and facilities in partnership with ???integrated marine infrastructure at tidewater’ to provide accommodation for loading, unloading, and transportation of condensate tankers.

The 7.9 billion dollar project was projected in the mid-2000s by the company and has been delayed several times up to date, it has never been implemented. On completion, the pipeline and its terminals would have created 104 changeless working positions made inside the organization and 113 positions with the related marine services. First Countries groups, numerous regions, including the Union of BC Districts, tree huggers and oil sands rivals, among others, condemned the undertaking due to the natural, monetary, social and social dangers postured by the pipeline. Advocates agreed that the pipeline would have given native nations value possession, preparing, business, Group stewardship and trust programs alongside the expansive scale framework to keep Canada prosperous. The project suggestion has been straightforwardly and vigorously reprimanded by numerous associations and nations. For instance, In December 2010, sixty-six first Nations groups in British Columbia, including numerous along the proposed pipeline course, marked the Save The Fraser Declaration contrary to the task, and 40 more have joined in helping since that time.

The proposition is additionally restricted by various non-legislative associations (NGOs), referring to past spills and worries over oil sands development and the related dangers in transportation before 2015.In the month of June in 2014, the national government affirmed the Northern Gateway pipeline venture, subject to 209 circumstances. The CBC scrutinized the hush concerning the Northern Gateway from that point forward and recommended that Enbridge may have unobtrusively retired the undertaking. After assuming office in 2015, new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau forced a prohibition on oil tanker movement on the North Coast of British Columbia, successfully murdering the undertaking  On the 29th of November, 2016 Justin Trudeau formally dismissed plans for the project.

Swot analysis

The uniqueness, shakiness, low-shared esteem, setting and logical vulnerabilities of the Northern Gateway Pipeline have made the venture a mischievous issue in Canadian legislative issues. The issue is difficult to unravel since their stay a few issues with respect to the undertaking. The mind delineates that natural concerns, monetary effect, and interests of various gatherings are the key measurements that edge the issue. All in all, the project was a brilliant project by the company’s management.

Environmental concerns

The ecological harm related with the undertaking of the project is an essential concern. Numerous non-administrative associations contradict this venture because of worries over oil sands extension and related dangers in transportation, and adversaries contend that the pipeline undertaking would harm BC’s biological systems. For any project, environmental requirements are very important to consider. It can be found that BC has had the high event of pipeline occurrences and mishaps like oil slicks and oil slicks which have adversely influenced watershed and downstream fisheries in the past.

Moreover, oil defilement will debilitate secured ranges and bigger territories are more defenseless against the dangers, and all the more essential, many ensured regions are really involved by First Nations.

Possible economic impacts

The effect on the economy is the second issue which ought to be considered inside the undertaking as the major objective of this pipeline is to encourage the advancement of the Canadian economy. Be that as it may, the essential ecological issue along these lines decreases the advantages. The pipeline guarantees to give more than 4,000 openings for work and create around $2.6 billion in charge incomes.

The project would also have consolidated Canada’s position within the oil industry. On succeeding, the undertaking would have been an impetus to generously fortify Canadian economy and a noteworthy supporter of maintaining Canadian development and thriving in the long haul. In any case, numerous scientists contend that the financial expenses of the Northern Gateway Pipeline (NGP) task may counterbalance the guaranteed benefits they keep up that a full thought of expenses and advantages, including harms from GHG discharges and the expenses related with likely oil slicks, recommends the NGP may well be uneconomical

Governance issues

To start with, the Federal government sets the plan for policymaking on the national level. The Canada Oil and Gas Act “set up a government administration for oil assets,” successfully controlling oil improvement at the elected level. Up to this point, the Harper Conservatives organized the improvement of vitality limit in Canada, particularly through the tar sands in Alberta. Writing has distinguished that expanding conditions for asset abuse is a key Canadian esteem.

This need prompted streamlined roads for asset improvement, once in a while to the impediment of other imperative gatherings, for example, First Nations, in spite of essential contemplations at the commonplace and city levels. The National Energy Board, a surveying board entrusted with controlling the development and operation of pipelines and other vitality assets, is a key government official in the pipeline endorsement process. The national government should likewise consider outside governments and enterprises because of multinational assertions, for example, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (FIPAs).

Ever since the project was launched, there has been mixed reaction with regard to legal and governance issues. Due to the lack of clear laws on transportation of oil, the government acted to prevent the project from being executed. Provinces are also imperative to consider as they do hold a basic place in the advancement of vitality arrangement, including the execution of carbon assess plans and natural controls. In all of Western Canada, for instance, “commonplace governments are by a long shot the biggest proprietors of undeveloped normal asset rights”.

Likewise, districts frequently are left to their own particular gadgets to manage neighborhood effects of government and common choices. Fortification McMurray is one such case. That being stated, Canada has been lucky that because of its expansive size, it has possessed the capacity to maintain a strategic distance from numerous city issues which regularly emerge with asset extraction close urban conditions this pattern in any case, districts are essential pinions in the legislative machine, which may experience the ill effects of the proposed pipeline.

Multiple stakeholders

The contention among various partners is also an important issue inside the venture. It is less genuine than the ecological cost and financial contention in light of the fact that the contention could be limited if the initial two issues are all around overseen. The Northern Gateway pipeline venture includes many levels of government, First Nations, modern vitality interests, the global group, and the earth as a non-human-centric element. The designer Enbridge, Inc. claims that this venture can contribute significantly to neighborhood economies, and the past central government drove by Harper has restrictively endorsed the undertaking.

Be that as it may, the as of late shaped government drove by Trudeau has affirmed restriction to the undertaking, For instance, a coalition of 6 First Nations bunches called Yinka Dene Alliance has vowed to contradict the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. Their assertion expresses that they won’t permit the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines or any undertakings related with it to cross their territory.

Since there are such a significant number of partners with their own thoughts regarding what is most critical, it is hard to get everybody at the table reasonably, and considerably harder still to go to a choice. Be that as it may if the engineer can demonstrate the positive effect of the undertaking on the Canadian economy and productively decrease the natural harm related to the pipeline, the contentions among the partners at that point are probably going to be limited.SolutionsRejecting the Northern Gateway venture has quick natural advantages now and into the future as the danger of oil spillage is wiped out. However running with this arrangement could have a significant negative impact on the Canadian economy looking forward.

Canada’s economy is incredibly impacted by our exportation of oil-based goods. Along these lines absence of extension in this industry could prompt significant downturn in the country’s GDP. An option answer for Canada, however, is seeking after the proposed Energy East Pipeline venture. This task includes a mix of changing over existing pipeline while likewise expanding it with the new pipeline. It would keep running from Alberta to the oil refineries in eastern Canada at that point to an end port in St. John’s Newfoundland. The undertaking is evaluated to convey a 36 billion dollar boost to the Canadian economy. This undertaking appears to be more sensible as it gives a generously bring down hazard shipping port and the extension of an as of now being used the pipeline. The government presently can’t seem to completely bolster or restrict this recommendation. The arrangement of rejecting the Enbridge Northern Gateway completely is totally practical. This arrangement safeguards First Nations arrive administration rights and it secures British Columbia’s naturally touchy northern coastline.

The way toward rejecting this venture would clearly be a noteworthy disillusionment for Enbridge itself and for Asian oil markets. Nonetheless, with all viewpoints considered including outrageous natural resistance, current administrative restriction, and the current upsetting of task endorsement, this arrangement is unfathomably practical and is probably going to be set up in a matter of seconds.The main aim of our answer to this undertaking is to limit unanticipated outcomes. On the off chance that the venture is rejected, future natural dangers of pipeline spillage and oil tanker spillage in ecologically touchy regions will be forestalled. It is difficult to state whether this arrangement will have a noteworthy negative impact on the oil and gas industry and the Canadian economy all in all. On the off chance that the oil and gas industry does not get the boost through the working of a noteworthy pipeline venture it is indeterminate whether its present decrease will proceed, or if there will be a skip back.

Be that as it may, with the restricted supply of worldwide oil diminishing and expanding reliance on whimsical stores, investigating sustainable power sources must be a need. In spite of the fact that our proposed arrangement, as on account of any fiendish issue, does not fulfill each partner we trust the rejecting of Northern Gateway accomplishes greater than hurt by and large.Alternatively, the company can embark on rephrasing their project. This way, they would focus on reducing the risk factors involved as they are the ones limiting the implementation f the project. For instance, the company should provide a kind of insurance and assurance that oil spills will be minimized at all costs. With the company having a history of hazardous oil spills in the past, however, it would be a bit difficult to convince the involved shareholders that future oil spills will not occur. Therefore, the company should take steps aimed at proving this point, for example improving their transportation systems. With this solution being a bit difficult to apply, it would be more advisable to apply the previously stated solution.


Enbridge. Inc. is a company that has won the reputation of oil-related business in the region in the past. The company has managed to capture the attention of the whole region especially when it came out with a megaproject proposal which was geared towards increasing the capacity of oil transported in the region this ambitious project was named the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project. The project which was meant to be a breakthrough, however, soon became a challenge to the organization and its reputation.

It sparked so much interest in the business world in the region and man opinions were presented. Sadly, most of the opinions presented were against the project. The opponents of the project sited multiple reasons including the fact that the project would pose the great danger to the environment. The company in the bid to make its dream a success struggled to beat the odds and prove the positive intentions of the project.The international community has however remained adamant that the project is not healthy. However, there could be a solution for Enbridge. The company could improve the existing pipelines and still serve the same purpose.


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