Effect of Self-awareness on the Training Process

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Updated: Mar 31, 2023
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The supervisor’s lack of self-awareness can have a significant effect on the training process. Supervisor self-awareness is the ability of supervisors to know and comprehend themselves and how they relate to others. It is important to have a supportive and challenging relationship between the supervisor and supervisee. Self-awareness of the supervisor influences elements of the supervisory relationship. It allows supervisors to develop relations, establish productive relationships, retain objectivity and consistency, avoid manipulation, work ethically, and continue to grow.

I had to train a manager from a different department for a week about what we did in our department and showed him all the tools we work with and their functions. The manager seemed to be a very detailed person; for this reason, he wanted to know the function of every navigation. A factor from this experience that I consider positive to me was the curiosity of the manager and his willingness to learn.

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Though he is a manager, my superior in the workplace, during the training, he was a supervisee, and I think that was a motivation for me. A challenge from this training was the swiftness with how I navigated from one process to the other. I do not know if that was due to nervousness, or I was uncomfortable training a manager, or it was due to familiarity with doing the job for years. Honestly, my actions were not intentional.

On the third day of the training, the manager told me that he was getting the concepts, but due to the way I go quickly from one tab to another, he may need us to go over some functions before we start with something new. The manager’s honesty was appreciated, and it helped make me aware of how I present training. I took this as an area to improve. I follow up step by step by checking in with the supervisee to see if he/she understood and or if there is anything we need to go over. I also added that if I am going too fast, please slow me down.

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This was challenging because I became self-aware that when I am training or have someone shadowing me, I have to check now and then to make sure they are understanding, and I am going at their paste. Attitudes that I brought to the supervision were the spirit of openness, the ability to manage problems incurred during the training, and demonstrating a positive approach to concerns during the training. A personal attitude that impacted the relationship during this training included acceptance, listening, and supporting, in which I understood that both the manager and myself both brought to the table our attitudes and experiences. I also had a positive attitude, which was a valuable way of preparing me for the training with the manager.

Strategies I will use to build and maintain a relationship will include encouraging, validating, and encouraging the supervisee’s experiences. Holding myself and the supervisee accountable. I am always responsible for my actions and decisions, and I should be firm and hold the supervisee accountable for his or her actions. Providing constructive feedback is a requirement for a supervisor, providing constructive feedback. Giving the trainee feedback often about his or her performance shows their area of strengths and areas in which he or she needs to grow. I believe if I build up in these areas, they will improve my skills and help me maintain a successful relationship with the supervisee.

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