Entrepreneurship Awareness Session

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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We conducted descriptive research about awareness and training sessions for public entrepreneurship in Quetta. We circulated 100 questionnaires for our survey to gauge public opinion, determining if these sessions were beneficial for entrepreneurship and the effects they had if conducted in Quetta.

In this survey, 100 participants provided answers about the awareness and training session for public entrepreneurship in Quetta.

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When asked if they knew about entrepreneurship, many indicated ‘yes’ while others did not. In fact, 91% of respondents were familiar with entrepreneurship, whereas 9% were not.

We queried the participants on the effectiveness of these awareness and training sessions for entrepreneurs. Many respondents gave varied answers, stating that these sessions were useful for generating new ideas and motivating people towards entrepreneurship. These sessions proved helpful for newcomers aiming to start their own businesses, as they provided guidance on relevant criteria.

Finding and Results

In this survey, the majority of participants responded in a positive way. They are aware of entrepreneurship through various resources, but many people claim they have gained their knowledge from friends. Some say that their knowledge of entrepreneurship comes from the media, teachers, or coursework. The responses indicate that 33% acquired their knowledge from friends, 29% through media, and the remaining 29% could attribute their awareness of entrepreneurship to other sources such as books, teachers, and studying this subject. The respondents agreed that training and awareness sessions are beneficial for the youth, as these sessions encourage brainstorming, leading to new ideas and techniques. These sessions also motivate both men and women towards entrepreneurship by imparting extra knowledge and skills, thereby reducing risks. Over time, there has been an increasing trend of education awareness in Quetta. The rise in education levels has had a positive impact on the mindset of the people, even encouraging them to support women in entrepreneurship. For this purpose, a training session by SMEDA is scheduled to take place in Quetta.

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Most of the respondents, 89% to be exact, agreed that the entrepreneurship awareness and training session is beneficial for both men and women. Only 11% thought otherwise. This clearly shows that the majority believes in the value of training and awareness sessions for both genders. Many participants have attended formal training sessions or seminars through universities. However, only 33% of respondents think these sessions are not time-consuming, while 66% believe that they are. Despite this, they also acknowledged that the sessions are beneficial for their knowledge acquisition. These training and awareness sessions hold significance for both literate (educated) and illiterate (uneducated) individuals. In this survey, 70% of participants responded that these sessions are beneficial, while 30% disagreed.

In conclusion, the survey results demonstrate that many people are knowledgeable about entrepreneurship and believe that awareness and training sessions play a significant role in it. These sessions stimulate brainstorming and develop new ideas and techniques. People feel motivated and benefit from participating in these sessions.

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