Ebola Infection Control

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Updated: Nov 11, 2022
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You should be able to see what the Ebola virus is. Where it came from. What the symptoms are.Whether or not there is a cure or there will become one. How it spreads. How infection control plays a part in this deadly Virus.Ebola is described as a rare and deadly virus. It is also believed to be a Ribonucleic acid virus. It affects wild animals such as primates, fruit bats and humans. There are five strains of the virus the most common one in humans is Zaire Ebola Virus.

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The virus was discovered in 1976near the Ebola River in What is now known as Democratic Republic Of Congo1. Symptoms of Ebola are common flu like symptoms i.e. severe body aches, fever, joint pain and weakness,headache, diarrhea, Vomiting, loss of appetite. A more severe symptom is internal and external hemorrhagic bleeding. Symptoms of Ebola virus can appear from two to twenty one days after exposure, though eight to ten days is common.

Ebola is easy to spread. It is transmitted through contact with secretion blood, vomit, diarrhea semen and breast milk and wounds of the skin can also be a source of entry. Ebola isn’t usually spread through food. The only way it spread sthrough food is called bush hunting. This is not done everywhere only in certain areas and eating the tainted meat can cause the virus. This virus doesn’t leave quickly it lingers in breast milk,semen and spinal fluid for up to 7 weeks after being deemed well. In 2014-2015 the deadliest outbreak of Ebola happened West Africa. It is believed thatoutbreak happened from a single case that the person was not properly isolated. Family member sand health care workers did not understand how contagious this Virus is. Improper hand hygiene plays a role as well as not having the resources to contain the virus. A lot of people thought this virus couldn’t be real. It was just mass hysteria until death was becoming more and more then they started to panic. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention had some specific recommendations related to infection prevention and control.

Including the use of the following personal protective equipment P.P.E. Double glove, waterproof boot covers that go to mid-calf atleast. Waterproof leg covers, single use fluid resistant gown. A coverall without integrated hood, respirators including either N95 or powered air purifying respirator single use. Apron that is water proof and covers the torso to the level of the mid-calf in case of vomiting and diarrhea.Visitors should be restricted. If exceptions are made the visitors need to be educated and know the risk, and a log book of all who entered the room. The worst of this virus were in the provinces of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Confirmed cases in Liberia were estimated around seven thousand and deaths were around three thousand and that was in 2014. Since then the numbers have increased.

A full scale outbreak turned into an epidemic. Education was then sent out to all the public leader’s in their towns. People from different organizations came to aid them as well. Samaritans Purse was one of the first to volunteer. Once people were more educated and had some help the number of infections went down. There is currently no cure or vaccine that is Approved by the Food and DrugAdministration. The CDC says they are currently working a vaccine and have a good chance at getting the vaccine approved by 2018. The vaccine that they are working is supposed to stop the virus from multiplying. If symptoms of Ebola are treated early enough they have a better chanceof survival the percent of death is still 90% though. Providing electrolytes and Iv therapy blood pressure medicine, oxygen therapy managing pain and fever are essential for a chance of survival.


The Ebola virus is very dangerous if you are exposed or around it. It has a high mortality rate. It is easy to spread unless you are being very cautious. Having proper hand hygiene is important always not in just the spread of Ebola but all infections. We need to spread education far and wide and be able to help third world countries with their infection control. The better we educate the less loss of life and chances for a deadly outbreak that could not only be an epidemic but aPandemic.

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