Each Person’s Personality is Different

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Updated: Jun 20, 2022
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Material is what we like and what we are like is the spiritual, personality. Each of us lives through a combination of both physical and spiritual values. However, there is a very common tendency to fail to see the attachment and correlation between these two values. Therefore, sometimes we take material elements very seriously, sometimes we are too emotionally heavy. But for my personally, the harmonious combination between these two factors is the most essential foundation for a life.

It can be said that our generation today is one of the most focused on material’s generation in human history.

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Over the past three decades, extraordinary advances in technology in many areas, and the application of technology to technologies have made young people’s lives increasingly dependent on material things. Not only that, but the development of technology really has a strong influence on the way we think about the lives of our children. This has led to a way of behaving in relationships with people close to, friends and the communities where they live.

As I observe the people around me, there are always a lot of people chasing material values. Sometimes, looking at their way of life has the feeling that material values ??are all they have. They accumulate money and wealth to become rich and affluent. They plunge into enjoying the pleasures of life, despite all moral and moral principles. They use their material values ??in exchange for joy in life, because they believe it is the only way they can do it. But most people like that will sooner or later realize their mistakes. Because they can never really get the pleasure of living. What they have is only moments of fleeting satisfaction, creating a sense of satisfaction in the moment, but accompanied by it is always a multitude of painful consequences.

The truth is that matter and personality can never be separated as two different categories. Matter having its value depends on spirit, and spiritual values always exist only on the basis of certain material manifestations.However, to pick out something more important, I would choose personality. The personality, dignity that is really important to every human being, the good personality and dignity will be liked and respected by everyone, have the sympathy of others so it will be easy to get help at work and life. Personality and dignity are not only a measure of human values but also reflect how others view themselves. Conversely, if a bad personality, without dignity also means that having no value will not be respected by others, a bad personality will make you fall into social evils, be rejected by society, excreted.

To better understand the subject, we must first understand the concept of personality. So what is personality, why do people become false in their own personality? Firstly, personality is the unique of each person, lifestyle, thought of each person. Human personality is also affected by circumstances and environment, but there are also people who retain their good character and personality in any situation. So, each person’s personality is decided by himself. That’s right, no one can make you a criminal, nobody makes you fall into a sinful way. People often blame situations that change them, they must change to adapt but they can choose their own path. However, everyone has different ways of solving problems. From there, we can see that each person’s personality is different.

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