My Personality Type

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Updated: Jun 20, 2022
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My name is Jade Townsend. I am 14 years old and I go to South Caldwell High School. I have Mrs. Hewitt as my Communication Skills teacher. We are working on a project about our personality types. The following is about my type. My personality type is E (extroverted) and S (sensing). Extroverted people are stimulated by events and people other than themselves, and sensers use their five senses to interpret the world. I like being around people so I am more extroverted, also I work better if I’m able to see and touch things.

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“Many find their test results startling accurate.” says author Ilana E. Strauss. My personality works for me because it helps me make friends and do group work. I am extroverted because I grew up with a bunch of my cousins. My personality type is T (thinking) and J (judging). Thinkers prefer facts over feelings, and judgers prefer to get things decided fast rather than just sit waiting.

Whenever I am deciding stuff I don’t think about how people feel. “Thinking people use logic and objective criteria.” states the Myers-Briggs Personality Testing: How We Relate to the World. My personality helps me make decisions easily. I am this way because I have always been more mature than most, so I am more responsible. My personality type helps me learn easier when I am working with others. A few good careers for my personality type are an insurance agent, hotel manager, and credit analyst. These are all recommended jobs for my personality type. I could see myself doing some of these jobs because I like math. I think that being a thinker is one of the reasons I like math. “The best jobs for ESTJ personality types are those that require organization and follow-through.” states Ziprecruiter Blog. Senior accountant is a good job for ESTJ people also. I feel like that would be a good job for me because I’m good with math. In conclusion, I think my personality type is a good fit for me. I am glad I learned what my personality is because it helps me see what kind of jobs might be good for me. I think everyone should take this test. It might be able to help them figure out which jobs are good for them. It also could help them understand who they are. It is important to understand and know your own personality because it will help you out in the end.

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