16 Personalities and Personality Types

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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The 16 Personalities created a personality assessment that not only helps individuals understand their personality types, but also supports the discovery of which career pathways individuals should take based on their specific personality traits. I am an ISFP type of person, according to the self-assessment I completed on the 16 Personalities website. ISFP-A stands for Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving, and Assertive. I can definitely see ISFP traits in my personality.

The first letter in ISFP-A is I, which stands for introvert. Generally, these individuals tend to be reserved and quiet, especially around people they do not know well.

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They also prefer spending time with family and friends. I concur wholeheartedly that I am an introverted person because I find it difficult to engage in conversation with strangers and befriend them. For instance, I do not like to participate in events and take center stage. I prefer to stay in the background where it is less crowded and quiet. This is one of the significant weaknesses in my personality.

The second letter is “S”, which stands for Sensing. Individuals with this trait care very deeply for others. As they can easily relate to others’ emotions, they help establish peace and goodwill while minimizing conflict. For instance, I always notice when other people are sad; that’s why I agree that Sensing is one of the strengths in my personality.

The third letter of the ISFP-A is ‘F’, which represents feeling. ISFP-As care more about personal concerns than objective, logical information. Feeling people are subjective, governed more by their hearts than their brains. For example, when I plan to stay home for the weekend and my friends want to go out, I cannot say no to them because I will feel guilty. That is why I think ‘feeling’ is my biggest weakness.

Also, the fourth letter is P, which stands for Perceiving. Perceivers prefer to keep their options open so they can deal with unexpected challenges. I agree that I am a flexible person, which is one of my strengths. If plan A does not work, I try to find a plan B. For instance, I applied for Biotechnology at Humber, but since I did not have all my documents ready before the deadline, I applied for General Art and Science Credit Transfer instead. If you consider being a flexible person as a significant success, imagine if you encounter difficulty with your plan and you are not flexible; your life could come to a standstill until you have a backup plan. Furthermore, some opportunities only come once in a lifetime, and if you are not a flexible person, you risk missing out. That is why coming to Canada is my most significant success.

Finally, letter A is the last letter of my five letters for my personality, and it means Assertive. Assertive people are confident, relaxed, and resistant to stress. For example, when I am in a difficult situation, I try to bury my weaknesses by leaning heavily on my confidence.

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