What is Responsibility and why is it Imporant

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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This essay will delve into the concept of responsibility, exploring its meaning, significance, and impact on personal and social levels. It will discuss the various dimensions of responsibility, including moral, legal, and social responsibility, and why it is a crucial attribute for individuals and communities. The essay aims to highlight the role of responsibility in fostering ethical behavior, accountability, and a functioning society. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Responsibility.

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After a deep-thinking process and some research, I figured out what it is to be responsible and why it’s important. Being responsible does not mean assuming a list of obligations. Being responsible means recognizing and assuming all the implications and consequences of our behaviors and choices throughout the universe. Being responsible means being consistent in all our actions.

To be responsible is never to behave as a victim, blaming others for our misfortune. It begins with respecting yourself in order to better respect others.

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This leads to real responsibility, which has absolutely nothing to do with a sense of obligation or blind respect. First, you should have a minimum level of self-esteem, then attain a certain level of autonomy and freedom, and finally, be ready to bear the consequences of your actions. Responsibility, therefore, would be essentially a moral matter. Some believe that human beings must first be adults to be responsible. What does ‘responsible’ mean in our society? For others, a responsible act is one that has been consciously chosen with full knowledge and freedom. Regardless of whether you are a child or an adult, the issue is not there: responsibility is a matter of choice, and there is no age limit to making that choice.

Being responsible is important. First, because if you are experiencing an intense emotional situation that challenges you, it essentially serves as a mini behavioral and cognitive therapy. You are confronted several times with a situation that frightens you in order to demystify it. Being responsible means accepting this situation of discomfort in order to learn from your mistakes and move forward. Responsibility is about accepting yourself as you are: an individual with qualities and defects, constantly learning about life. As individuals, we validate and assume our actions, even the most regrettable ones. From this choice, we respect ourselves by refusing to lie. Even if it means hurting others or ruining a life, an individual cannot afford to live in a lie. Feelings of guilt are like poison. You feel guilty for lying or not taking responsibility for certain actions. However, guilt is ever-present in various aspects of life; television programs, books, social interactions, etc. This burden often results in illnesses such as depression, chronic stress, fear, or hypertension. Taking responsibility for our actions encourages us to regain control of our lives, allowing us to live in the present moment in a way that is consistent with our personality and our choices. By accepting who I am, I no longer wear a mask, and I am at peace in society because I can express myself as I wish.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we must all be responsible on different levels: loving, professional, family, and personal commitments. Nevertheless, man still has difficulty taking responsibility for his actions and blames others. Fortunately, many techniques help us to get past this point, such as meditation.

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