“Duty, Honor, Country” by General Douglas MacArthur

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Duty, honor, and country, the three words that can dictate what we can be, what we ought to be, and what we will be. The rallying point to build courage when courage seems to fail, to regain faith when there seems to be little cause, to create hope when hope becomes despondent. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and we need a lesson to be seen and to be taught. They seem just like basic words that have no meaning, yet they build up character. Mold us for who we are meant to be in the future, let us know when we are weak, so we can be strong, and let us feel fear so we can be brave.

To me without respect there is no peace. All mankind should respect, care, and honor each other as if they know everyone inside and out. Yet even with duty, honor, and country we get taught many lessons. Such as modesty so we can remember how simple greatness can truly be. To master ourselves and who we are before we seek out to master others. For us to reach the future we mustn’t neglect the past but to let go and learn from it.

Soldiers are ordinary people just like you and me except there are always a few different than the others. Those others are the ones that join the military to become a U.S. soldier, to honor and fight for our country and all people in it. Even with the thought in the back of their minds which might say “I might not make it home and I may die today, tomorrow, but it’s worth the sacrifice if I’m fighting for what I love.”. But for every person who is not a soldier we have duties as citizens and how to better ourselves just as how a soldier is a citizen first then a soldier. There are always some questions like “What makes these soldiers reliable? Can they really lead us? Can they protect us? Are they really willing to die for their country? Will they be able to achieve victory? Are they brave?”. Every soldier isn’t perfect, all mankind has fear inside them. Even if there’s fear it doesn’t stop what you can and will accomplish with or without fear even when it comes to honoring your country. Especially as citizens we always want what’s best for our home, so we do all we can to make it better including us as our own individual person. Helping others and/or around the community, giving without being told, working hard to earn what we want in life, such things are ways we are or can be better citizens. For instance, I walk around all day judging others, littering, act like I am better than anyone and everyone on this earth. I never give, I always and forever just want to receive and take, take, take. That is an example of a self-centered citizen, in which weakens us as a country with every person who never wants to help out with anything not involving receiving.

There is a code in which the three words honor, duty, and country embraces the highest law and stands up to any philosophy to uplift mankind. Quoted by General Douglas MacArthur, the requirements are for the things that are right, and for what is wrong are the restraints. A code in which the soldier is above all others, required to practice many of the greatest religious acts. To face death and danger right where their maker shall be waiting. No instincts or courage can take place of the help that sustains them.

Compared to then now we all face a new world full of change. A world with missiles and satellite spheres, the beginning of another story for an American soldier. We deal with the problems that arise never alone but with the illimitable distances, reaching for a new boundless frontier. We speak in ways others cannot comprehend nor learn from. Discussing how different this world is and how it may or may not benefits us. The main target in war is no longer limited to the enemy’s armed forces but instead to their civil populations. Through every change and development of the soldiers mission it is still their duty to win their wars. Everything and anything else in their careers don’t carry as much importance and meaning. All other purposes that are public, projects, needs great or small, can and will find others to take place to reach accomplishment. There’s is the profession of arms, having the will to win, having the war knowledge that there is only victory or loss, there is no substitute for victory. If they lose, the Nation will be destroyed and fall.

The words honor, duty, and country have more meaning and has more to be seen than meets the eye. With those three words, anything can be accomplished, there is no failure only victory. Even if there is failure there is always redemption. Then redemption leads back up to victory, learning from past mistakes to get where you want to be.

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